[UPDATED AUG 25] Dragonriding and You: Ascending to New Heights of Skill

[UPDATED AUG 25] Dragonriding and You: Ascending to New Heights of Skill

Master a new skill and learn how to make the most of your Dragon Isles Drakes in Dragonflight.

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good good .my hoofs cannot wait

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This is content for super casuals. I’m not super hardcore but damn the dragonriding sounds like an annoying way to travel more than anything fun. I just want to casually fly on my mount not do idiotic tricks and jumps on a dragonridden dragon.

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Then don’t bother with it, normal flying will be available at a later date as it usually is and until then you have a number of ground mounts to get around on :woman_shrugging:


I can’t not bother with it because it looks like the fastest way to get around - a semi-inconvenient and annoying one.

Yeah… ok then.

One day these forums will make my eyes roll so far they will actually get stuck :joy:

Back on topic though: Blizzard please can you make this system for normal mounts too at some point? I would love to be able to do tricks and fancy stuff on my flying horses and cat :grinning:


A double negative is a positive as you know. So you are saying you can be bothered :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Also i love the mount abilities in gw2. I am quite happy Blizzard is introducing a similar system to WoW

I’m saying I have to be bothered because it’ll be the fastest way to get around DF zones, yoy dodo.

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