Updated Defile still not viable?

I was quite excited to see defile move somewhere else and potentially be a viable talent. Though after running a few 20s it still very much doesn’t seem to make the cut.

Did you guys make it work in your favour?

More annoyingly, it seems to sit over other spell effects and is very good at hiding things like thundering swirls…


Feels a bit of a nerf to me. Especially the fact defile covers so much of the floor and makes ground effects almost impossible to see. Swirls, bad stuff, sanguine etc. Just another reason given to pugs to not invite UH dks. Got dropped from a M+ group just because I had defile…


I dunno, I think the mastery ramp up and actual damage of the ability is nice. My issues are the covering of some surfaces, swirlies etc … the fire things in AA bird boss. Wow. Oranges tinted floor through the blackness, that was scary!

I think the main thing when I played was tracking the buff and the actual Cd of DND more. That and my tank not moving out of it as much as he was… that being said the amount of swirlies to dodge… lol


I recommend it in all my M+ builds, it’s really strong in AoE

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Yeah that’s defo an issue, this will suck during sanguine, as they seem to share similar texture too…

Maybe I didn’t play very well, I selected based on the recommendation tbh. That being said, your latest build on acherus doesn’t include it! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Which one is this exactly? The M+ ones should run defile


M+ Build of the week

Mind you, I ran a NO and defile was absolutely awesome there, so much consistent cleave with the 20s cd and all that.

Ah that’s from before the patch, I’ll update it!

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maybe get a weak aura with an sound effect that plays when its time to refresh.

experiment with opening with defile too, it can help ramp up faster.

then just play russian roulette dodging all the ground effects you can’t see :frowning:

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I’ve gotten to grasp with it, very much about min maxing the duration with the 20 seconds cd in mind over D&D 30 one.

Now that… That’s the key! :rofl: :rofl:

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if you stare very hard and are very lucky you can see some grounds effects peaking through the holes in defile.

Its quality game design though.

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Aye, pure quality. Giving a melee class an ability that totally obscures all ground effects in the area tank and melee going to have to run around in. It’s like they listened to players about about near invisible mob ability effects (Cos). Then decided, here have this as a FU to UH dk’s.

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Does defile effect other party/raid members seeing ground effects? Never seen an unholy using defile in any of my groups or while on alts so its hard for me to tell.

Nope, other party members don’t see defile (luckily for them)

Bizzard… plzzzz fix the visual, it’s a nightmare on Sarkareth! Already so many hard to see swirleys to begin with!

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