[UPDATED JULY 11] Dragonflight: Fractures in Time Content Update Notes

[UPDATED JULY 11] Dragonflight: Fractures in Time Content Update Notes

Dragonflight: Fractures in Time is live!

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Thanks for reminding the day that i’m gonna take my revenge on all the other classes in solo queue arena.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a Developers Video Chat today?
Edit - literally 2 seconds after I wrote this, you posted the Webcast :rofl:

*Can’t believe they actually thought wiping quests from the log for returning players was a good idea, unless it’s going to be optional?

*Wishwing’s Alysrazor step still seems to be the tw version and not normal or hc.

*Shath’yar glyph-y’know, a new thing in legacy content-has a chance to drop? Really?

You don’t have to take the gear update option, and if you do at least my experience from PTR is that they’re all pushed to you as auto accept option which you can either accept or decline.

Great news about the UI. More updates to it is the best.
I really hope this imgur.com/AXejpJI is fixed. The clock window covering 1/4th of the mini map is bad.

Players that have defeated Garrosh Hellscream in Siege of Orgrimmar may now skip directly to The Inner Sanctum on all characters on the account by reading the scroll hanging on the wall near Loremaster Cho at the entrance.

Love this, would be awesome to have skips for a few other legacy raids in the future perhaps. (ICC maybe?)

Mmm feral love. Meow!

A lot of great stuff in Fractures in Time.
We can see that a lot of love has been put into it :heart::+1:
Too bad pvp is garbage in this expansion otherwise it would have one of the best on par with Legion.

Are these fractures, scheduled events like feasts or sieges?
Do they require a mass of players like Researchers?

Or are they solo scenarios I can just go do?

So - again no flying in Dragon Isles? Again only gliding?
Instead of returning abiliity to fly in Dragon Isles (like we had all the time starting from Cataclism on Azeroth), we instead get ability to glide in the old areas?
Sometimes I feel that there are two contradicting forces in Blizzard: one (good) force gives us flying, while the other (bad) force takes the flying back using all possible steps, such as non-flying zones in Azeroth, or gliding instead of flying in Dragon Isles… I hoped that flying will finally come to DF sooner or later, and now I see that there is even no intention to do this. Gliding spreads even out of Dragon Isles. With such tendency, maybe we are going to lose flying even on Azeroth, and stay only with gliding there…
It seems that every content change makes me sad - these changes are disappointing every time.
Or maybe I misunderstood the incoming changes?



Is the Evoker legendary bad luck protection retroactive?

that’s literally their unique selling point for this expansion

If they would add normal flying in DF I would immediately return. Been waiting months for something that´s not being added, AGAIN :frowning:

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Some brilliant stuff included here - I’d be happy if someone could also fix guild achievements that aren’t counting up while you’re doing actions to progress - maybe find out where the guild skinning one went to? ‘Skinning for a living’ disappeared and no explanation or acknowledgement :frowning:

  • All restrictions for unlocking Allied Races have been removed, with the exception of a level requirement.

Unfortunately, this option isn’t implemented. On my account, on the Alliance side were unlocked the Void Elf and Lightforged Draenei, and only they are now “bright” on the character creation screen as before; “dimmed” races have the red remarks in tooltips about their requirements and cannot be used to create a new character. Have I missed something?

You misunderstood me. I don’t mind to add new things. Gliding as itself is not so bad.
I mean - the fact that we don’t have other choice of flying except gliding, is annoying.

In addition, I may be wrong, but it seems to me that some BLizzard representative referred to adding the real flying to DF as a thing that may happen. So I’m waiting. And now we see new additions in the WoW content, but still without providing flying back.

From the point in WoW history where flying had been added, I see any new content without flying as a step backward.

And one more thing worries me: adding gliding to Azeroth is also not so bad itself. But combination of these two things (“adding gliding to Azeroth” and “not adding flying to DF”) makes me worry that flying will be removed also from Azeroth. And if this will happen, it would be a really bad step of Blizzard, to my opinion.


You’re right, will like to see skip Dragon soul to the ends, and not to the hard part on the back on the dragon

have you done the unlock quests?

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