[UPDATED NOV 28] Support a Streamer on Twitch and Earn the Ichabod Pet

[UPDATED NOV 28] Support a Streamer on Twitch and Earn the Ichabod Pet

World of Warcraft is partnering with Twitch to host Support a Streamer during the Dragonflight launch!

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Nice to see a ton of smaller streamers instead of the big names.


never! partner with youtube instead or something down with twitch …


i am streaming on twitch for months now only playing world of warcraft. i did not get any notification on this. please help. feeling a bit left out by blizzard :frowning:

np…all will just sub to asmon as usual, so he can get carried even more

lots of these streamer names look like bot accounts

My friend streams WoW and he’s been doing so for over a year now, but he is not on the eligible streamers list even though he applied. What is the eligibility of the streamers and why is he left out as I’m a bit confused by this? Throwing money out to random streamers, most of whom are quite abhorrent people, is something a lot think nothing of, but for me personally to give my hard-earned money (which a lot of us are struggling with these days) to random streamers is something that doesn’t sit comfortably with me. I had met a comfortable middle ground by knowing I could do this by supporting a friend, but as he is not eligible, this is now up in the air. Could you please clarify as to why my friend didn’t meet the criteria to be an eligible streamer and why these people did and make them more deserving of my money than my friend?


please tell me people are not actually doing this?

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Having to buy subs for other people for a pet does not sit quite right with me.


Going on this FAQ :

"Q. How do I purchase a subscription on Twitch?**

A. Users must first log into Twitch, using either a PC or mobile device. Purchases may be made on either a mobile device or your PC. Detailed information on purchasing subscriptions can be found here, and information on purchasing gift subscriptions can be found here. "

And the small print, it seems like you can subscribe to the channel yourself, and/or gift sub, to count towards the two required. (If Customer Support could confirm/clarify on that in the thread, it’d help!)

A follow up question then would be :

Would a Twitch Prime sub to an eligible channel count as one of the two subscriptions required?

How about no? Bad enough that i have to enter the site for the fel drake. Partner with Youtube instead, thats at least the lesser evil. If Youtube is a demon then Twitch is the entirety of hell


Whats your content ( target audience) and what are the numbers ? I doubt they gona partner someone with 12 subs , no offense.

They have people in there with a tad more hundred followers. Ergo the subs being lower. So yes, they pretty much do.

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Most probably will not be read, but worth a try. Could you please add WonderWez to the list of streamers? She is a very kind and dedicated person, always exceptionally lovely. Absolutely worth to be advocated by her. And I wish to give my money to kind people.

Thank you! :heart:

im a small streamer ye. but people who are smaller streamers did get the opt-in. so it ain’t about that clearly else i would’ve understood it aswell.

There is so many people on that list :smiley:
i don’t believe all of them stream wow

Maybe there is/was some sort of opt in or something u had to fill in? No idea realy.

Ngl, half of those looks like when u create account for some scamy website and u just mash random stuff on keyboard xd

there was a twitch notification send to streamers who used the “drops” for the kite pet on their stream and played wow apparently. both of which i did. yet i never received this notification. which is reason im a bit upset about this.

Same here, had drops enabled, but apparently this wasn’t enough. I’m guessing there was a sort of follower cutoff to make it on the list, although that kinda defeats the purpose of “supporting a streamer”, doesn’t it? I talked to a friend who’s on the list and there was no extra steps we were supposed to do, we just seem to have not been picked by blizz or twitch, which makes it even more disheartening.

No, not going to do that.

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