Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Battle for Azeroth

The item-level cap will remain at 425 for the rest of Battle For Azeroth Season 2. The “+” indicates items that are eligible to Warforge in later seasons.

We’ve just updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest, including a fix to the Flight Master’s Whistle:

We’re looking into this issue and preparing a hotfix for it.

The Zandalari Troll moonkin form dance is something we’re working on. We don’t have an exact timeframe for it, but rest assured: we have not forgotten it.

It looks like we’re still having this issue where THE MOTHERLODE!! is not awarding credit for “Emissary of War”.

We’re working on a fix for it, and don’t have an ETA just yet.

We’re working on some hotfixes to Epic Battlegrounds. These changes are not yet live, but should be ready for the game in the next few days:

We have a new blog post that details much of the Heart of Azeroth update coming in Rise of Azshara:

The Mount Equipment system will require that you have reached level 100 on one character. The equipment itself will require level 20 and will be account bound:

We’ve update our hotfixes blog post with the latest Battle for Azeroth hotfixes:

With hotfixes to all regions, we’ve made two adjustments to Mythic difficulty Uu’nat in Crucible of Storms. Uu’nat no longer can cast Oblivion Tear immediately following Unstable Resonance and the timing of Eyes of N’Zoth has been changed to coincide less with Unstable Resonance.

April 30th: We’ve applied two more hotfixes to Mythic difficulty Uu’nat in Crucible of Storms. Storm of Annihilation damage to players has been reduced by 20%, and the recast time of Insatiable Torment has been increased to 45 seconds (was 30 seconds).

This was an unintended consequence of a hotfix from earlier this week. We’ve deployed a second hotfix to ensure that both the damage and heal absorb are removed when it’s clicked off.

To address this, we made a live hotfix to Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch about two hours ago. Thank you for the report.

We’re working on several adjustments to raid encounters that will go live with resets next week:

In Rise of Azshara, “The World Awaits” is updated to accept World Quest completions from Arathi Highlands and Darkshore.

We’ve adjusted the pathing of the airships in Seething Shore in the Rise of Azshara content update.

Progress toward rated PvP rewards, such as Vicious Saddles, will still be obtainable during the offseason.

In Rise of Azshara, we’ve corrected an issue that could cause players to be removed from combat as though they’d used their escape ability, even though they were still actively engaged in PvP combat.

You do not need to complete the War Campaign on a Tauren or Gnome. Any character that finishes the Campaign quest line unlocks the Heritage Armor quest line for the Tauren or Gnome on your account.

Earning Rank 3 of an Essence is a prerequisite to unlocking its Rank 4. At the same time, some activities that that are required for Rank 4, such as earning a 2400 rating in PvP, can be accumulated while you’re still at Ranks 1 and 2.