Upgraded both trinkets to 483, new upgrade asks me for more crests

I was aware that when you go past a certain track the next ones will cost only crests? I upgraded both of my trinkets to 483, got lucky with a 470 hc pip drop earlier today but now when i want to upgrade to 483 it asks me for more crests, is this intended in anyway?

If you upgrade an item slot piece to max for a rank and then replace the piece with same ranking it should only cost Flightstones to upgrade it, no crests.

For example: A shoulder Champion piece for first time will cost you flightstones and crests up to 8/8. If you were then to replace that piece with another Champion piece, you should be able to upgrade it immediately to 8/8 with only flightstones.

It’s probably due to Ember being flagged as a tank trinket.

That’s even worse :slight_smile: In that case you should not be able to upgrade the trinket, not to bait you into spending crests on it and not count. Even so, do warriors have to upgrade tank and dps trinket separately?

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