US only feedback again?

As OP, I officially declare this thread closed.
It wasn’t up, it now is up, end of story.
“Pours Mr Bukky what he wanted, closes the door and turns the lights off and leaves”

PS. It was not a browser issue :wink:

I dont think anyone still believes that.

And your post is to infer what exactly? I mostly like your posts, but if you are going to target players purely because their text is a different colour, well then you are not the person I thought you were.


And yet all I’ve ever posted is my opinion.

You also say: “Welcome in 673*3” :smiley:

MVPs are NOT like any other posters. Let’s not go into that again… I just wanted to clarify what i meant.

We literally post in green, that’s it.

We still post our own opinions and help, just like others who aren’t green.


We know there’s other ‘benefits’, we’ve had a post discussing this not so long ago.

I’m not getting sucked into this debate again.

No there was lots of speculation about what MVPs get. Most of that list is not what any of the MVPs get or know anything about.

From what I remember some even tried to explain it’s not the case but no one wants to listen to what really happens.

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I linked an old post from a former MVP. Not speculation.

We do not get those benefits.

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Oh come on re read that thread Jito said THEY USED TO GET IT but not anymore for alot of reasons it was taken away .

Please you are better then this Someonelse dont be that man you know all they do now is post in green .


You do get trust level 3 benefits without covering the requirements.

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Lets examine that post

"I was MVP from 2011-2014, and I didn’t recieve a penny for the thousands of posts I made in that period. And that’s how it should be. And that’s how it is.

Perks, benefits, and priviledges? Yeah, some.
You’re not entitled to any of this, but historically MVPs do seem to get something in this department.
For example, I recieved Beta invitations to Diablo III, Mists of Pandaria, Hearthstone, and Reaper of Souls. And I thought that was fair. The premise for being an MVP on the Diablo III forums during the Beta testing of the game was inevitably that you were in the Beta. Otherwise you were fairly limited in your knowledge on the game. So it makes sense that Blizzard gives out Beta invitations so the MVPs can actually provide valuable posts on topics pertaining to the respective games.

You also get some means of communicating with Blizzard that normal forum posters don’t have. The priviledge makes sense, because people expect accuracy from answers provided by MVPs. So if you’re an MVP on the Customer Support forum, then it’s really in the interest of everyone that you can get confirmation from a GM that what you’re about to say is true, because it absolutely sucks to provide inaccurate answers if you’re an MVP - the backslash is far worse than if you’re a normal poster.

I also got a holiday card each year around december. Weird that Blizzard sends a forum poster a holiday card with a greeting? Yep, but it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside none the less.

And then you get the wonderful priviledge of having to endure obnoxious, random internet !@#$% who despise you solely because you are an MVP. And you get that in spades.

I also got some gifts that felt over the top. I won’t mention them, because they were mostly irregular, and I think the approach has changed a bit in this regard, so I can’t say if it’s like that today.

But that’s what you get. It’s perks, priviledges and benefits. It’s not a fat paycheck.

But maybe Blizzard should try paying forum posters for being constructive and helpful. That would probably solve 99% of all moderation problems in one swoop :smiley: "

None of this is in the current MvP programme so unless you can prove otherwise then this posts are just being bitter at people who no stronger in power on the forums then us they just post in green .

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There is a vast difference getting fast tracked to Rank 3 and the huge list of rewards that was linked in that discussion.

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Maybe, I have no idea what’s on that discussion. Doesn’t change the fact that posting in green is not the only way MVPs are privileged, which some of you claimed. Or that you are something like the so called “Brussels bureaucrats” - not elected, but chosen by the blue enemies for unknown reasons. So, it’s quite natural that your opinions are taken with a grain of salt.

Everyone left ages ago. The lights are off, the chairs are on the tables and the only sound is you two still putting things to rights.
Go home, the pair of you, or make a new private thread to debate the pros and cons of your discussion.

Not in MY THREAD!!!

The lot of you need yer heads banging together; someone posting in green, on here, is the same as someone posting in ‘gold’ on Wowhead… except that on Wowhead you can ‘pay for the privilege’.

MVP just means that some sector of the Forum community has deemed the poster worthy of some recognition, to be able to post in green… simple; end of discussion.



Dont tease me with your gifs !! :stuck_out_tongue: you lean mean green posting machine ! :wink::kissing_heart:

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