US only feedback again?

So much fake rage if you saw the thread last week IE this one

Then you would understand the problem but yeah go ahead flame away much first world problems much hulk smash

So much fake rage if you saw the thread last week IE this one

Then you would understand the problem but yeah go ahead flame away much first world problems much hulk smash.

“Sorry that this went up without an EU equivalent. Normally stuff like this would be mirrored by a CM in the US (usually Lore) if it’s posted outside of EU hours, but sometimes mistakes happen, we’re only human.”

I do not agree with what they are doing because we as players from the EU can’t comment on the NA side but I believe the reason why they dont bother answering on EU side is because some but not all of us are reading NA forums as well.

I think they are aware of that and know that someone from EU will post their post on EU forums… Unfortunately, who ever is hiring these weirdos on EU side needs to get fired.

We all loved and still love WoW but over the years and constant apathetic responses from the staff that supposed to be there to help, I have become indifferent myself… I do not care to report anything any longer other then the quick report via the right click.

I honestly believe they do not care anymore…and even though it is a for profit company their greediness will be the end of them.

Edit: Thank you, Shumensko!

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For our CM when the post came out in US she would have been gone from the office its that simple .
She shouldnt take any hassle from this at all ,iam far from a fangirl but its a US based problem whoever posted this on US SHOULD have posted this on EU aswell knowing its outside of there office hours.


I believe you meant to say indifferent. Ignorant is something quite different.

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I must be really old, or otherwise not up-to-speed because I just cannot find a reason as to why you would say “2K19” instead of “2019”?

Need help here guys, need instructions!

Oh yeah, OT btw^^…

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Well, I guess it’s a cultural thing. I’d personally write it as 0.2019e+4


Despair… so delicious…

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Maybe. Dno why else you would.
It’s not as if writing 2K19 takes less effort than writing 2019, quite the opposite.

Working with normalized floats is a general convention for physicists. Also floats can give quite a big performance boost when using sse instructions.

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You would think for updates that it wouldn’t be hard for a staff member in the US have a login for the EU forums as well? It doesn’t take much thinking outside the box to be able to provide feedback at the same time to both centers.

I also can’t understand why the two are separate, I have 8 level 100s, with 170 or so mounts, AOHC and CE achievements sitting on a US server that I can’t move here :frowning:

As far as I can see the EU blog went live at the same time the US one did, you should be able to view it here:

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The main problem seems to be that if you go to the News page on the EU side, it goes to the US version of this side, where EU players can’t post. “en_us” instead of “en_gb”. I’ve only been able to get to the EU version thanks to the link you posted.

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Or they can just mirror the post? they have the ability to do so. For news or feedback/q&a there is no reason for it to be delayed and it just further causes the “EU neglect” idea from any company based in US. Ideally they just get rid of the whole “you require a license in this region to post”

Well blizzard is an us. company. If you dont want to play their america first game then dont play. Pay money to european companies.

hehe Puny, if you cant handle loud, screaming and unfair demands from players 24/7/365 your defiantly going to have a hard time monitoring these forums.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not my job nor do I monitor these forums :wink:

I’m just another poster like you.


people like you are the reason feedback should be ignored. People like you are the reason wow the mmorpg has turned into a diablo esque dungeon crawler in wich you pretty much 1-2 shot everything.

Seriously, people who play rpgs and then whine about story/lore not being needed………. please go back to fortnite and call of duty

I had the same issue, it was my browser language. I changed the browser language from English (US) to English (UK) and the links then go where they should.

If you use chrome, it’s in settings and advanced…

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Which kind of people?
Are you a people profiler? Are you the FBi? or an FSB?
Is this a Blood Elf thing? Is it because I’m Belf? Don’t you like my racials?
Tell me more about what kind of people I am because many of “us”, can go a whole lifetime without really knowing what kind of “people like you”, they really are.

Rare it is to find a people with such hot-hot, preternatural profiling skills these kind of days, isn’t it, but are some of your best friends Orcs though?

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Hello Barmaid.

I want some of what those other people want please