Use Mechagon Mount when flying on Mechagon

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I only very recently discovered this, thanks to reddit, and it’s a shame I didn’t notice this myself because I’ve had the mount since the dungeon was released.

However, if you use either the mechagon mythic dungeon heroic mode mount or the vendor mount for 420k (have to be exalted) you will not be shot out of the sky or even be noticed by those annoying drones in the sky!!!


I have neither, bit this is a valuable bit of info for the future, thanks!

(Lexicus) #3

While it’s a cool feature, i think i’ve only ever been shot twice by the flying robots, both times on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:

(Shammoz) #4

I also saw another thing about Mechagon and mounts, if you go into Rustbolt on certain mounts, the boss guy there says funny things.

When I go in on invincible for example he says something like “Look, it’s a paladin on a dead horse” :slight_smile:

(Punyelf) #5

I didn’t know that, I will have to experiment further with my mount collection.

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