Using Preserved Contaminants on Older Cleansed Items

We’re rolling out a hotfix over the next few hours that will make it so that you can apply Preserved Contaminants to corruptible items that were cleansed before maintenance this week.

We’ll see you in the Chamber of Heart!


Could you please fix this too?

You can’t put a socket on items that were upgraded with a “Warlord’s Trophy” and I have tried to get this fixed for like months now.

Makes me not want to use Warlord’s Trophies or sockets on any items because it might conflict with the new corruption scrolls, and I can’t even test it out on PTR because you can’t copy characters anymore…

Edit: Apparently you can’t even put corruptions on those items


Das ist nice! Cheers.

That’s a nice ring you got here … if you really don’t like it, I am sure I can dispose of it for you.

Not so long ago I am sure a gushing wound would have been a fair exchange, but well times changes …

Joke asides, very good changes (well fix would be more appropriate)!

I love you too, Blizzard! ^^

Thank god you didnt leave it as it was. A nice change for once. Well done. …i can finaly use my cleansed 475 items :sweat_smile:

Dr. Drae why are you so cool man?

is the hotfix live? because I still can’t use my preserved contaminants to a corrupted item that i cleansed a day before the vendor went live.

Is the item by any chance a pvp item upgraded by warlord trophy?

You definitely will.
I’m glad this was fixed.

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is this in effect? is it live already?

Still waiting for echoes compensation for not being able to farm them in the last months.

If i can’t buy corruptions, what i can corrupt hardly matters.

I’ve just tried to add a corruption to a previously cleansed pair of 475 legs; computer says no :frowning:

I can’t either but apparently some people can? Tryna corrupt some 475 shoes from pre corruption vendor and just get “that item cannot be modified”

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