Using WoW token on an inactive account

(Ozirisa) #1

Hi, I’m very sorry if this isn’t right place to write but I wasn’t exactly sure where to ask.

So, I have to take a short (2-3 months I think) break from WoW and I’m wondering if I can buy a WoW token on Auction House on lvl 1 character now and when my account is inactive log on that character (since it’s below lvl 20) and use it to add game time account. I know you can buy WoW token from character select when your account is inactive but you never know if prices of WoW tokens skyrocket suddenly and you find yourself unable to buy one.

Thank you in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

(Trovlak) #2

You can actually buy and use gametime tokens from the character select screen without having to jump through hoops like that. Providing you have enough gold on the account that is.

(Ozirisa) #3

Thanks but I wrote about it. What I mean is just buying it early to secure myself from being unable to buy it if the price suddenly goes high during the time I’m off :slight_smile:

(Trovlak) #4

My bad, I only skimmed your original post.

I am not 100% sure, but I think if you have a token in your inventory when your account is inactive, it gives you the option to use the token. But as I said, not 100% sure, others will confirm.


To be sure just send it to any 20 or lower level character which can be accesed even with inactive account and you will be able to use it from there ^^

(Ozirisa) #6

Alright, thank you both for help very much :slight_smile:

(Saneko) #7

If you do not have any gametime active, but you do have an unused WoW token in your bags you’ll get the option at the character select screen to use it.

(Ozirisa) #8

Alright, thank you! ^^


That shouldn’t be a problem, as Saneko said. You can also find this information on our support article:

If you’ve run out of game time but you have a Token in a character’s inventory, you’ll be able to consume that Token from the character select screen and refresh your game time on any WoW game account connected to your Blizzard account.

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