Using ZG enchants on different classes

As a warlock I would love some extra hit on my bloodvine if I get a mage to enchant it for me! Thank you Blizzard!

Blizzard never banned anyone for abusing game mechanics. They will probably fix it but players who did it will keep the enchant. They will basically say: ‘Too bad that you didn’t absuse it. There will be no consequences and they can keep the enchants but you won’t be able to do it anymore’. So get it as fast as you can while its still possible.

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It introduces nothing because it existed in Vanilla, TBC and WotLK.

Because it’s an amazing enchant for any physical damage class?

This was possible in Vanilla, you’d occasionally see a twink with ZG enchants.

However, raid gear in Vanilla didn’t have a two hour trade window; so enchanting that with ZG enchants before giving it to somebody else wasn’t possible.

If you don’t want to copy and paste the link, it’s basically Blizzard saying “yeah don’t do it while we figure something out”.

We’ve seen the reports, and we’re investigating.

We recommend you hold off on doing these cross-class enchantments while we investigate further. If you take advantage of this exploit, you run the risk that you may have wasted the enchantment if we disable or remove it.

Thanks for the bug report!



Thank you, now hopefully mage enchants wont be so high up anymore.

and bots runs the risk of getting banned or disabled as well, and here we have bots boting for 6 months straight and still going despite a “banwave”

wouldn’t be shocked if we come back to this in a while and ppl still have the enchant without anything having happened


A risk is, by its own definition, something that could or could not happen.

If removing/disabling these enchants was already decided/set in stone, it wouldn’t be labeled as a “risk”.

It’s just a warning so that, if they do indeed proceed that way, people can’t say they weren’t told so in advance.

If vanilla bugs get fixed - can we also get warrior HS queue fixed? And diamond flask 100% spellpower scaling?

And AV backdoor exploits

Why does it matter? You could do the same thing with BoE’s during Vanilla, so it shouldn’t be changed. Don’t go back on another of your promises. Blizzard already made so many changes when they said they weren’t going to make any. Game breaking bugs I can agree with fixing, but this changes absolutely nothing about the status quo of classic and class balance.

The only thing that should change is the ability to do it on gear from raids during the 2 hour trade window, as that trade window did not exist during Vanilla like the ability to enchant BoE’s did.

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It isnt a exploit tho, it was used back in the days, Fact. what IS exploiting is using the Trade window on 2h on raid items and doing it, that should lead to removal of the item and maybe even ban
and that is coming from a mage that legit HATE doing it


Plz try to figure this out fast, I have ZG raid tomorrow and I want to know if I should let a mage enchant my bloodvine pants or not.

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That’s it, coming from a mage, if it came from a warlock it could mean something. Coming from a mage your sentence has no meaning as you don’t get anything in return for this mechanic/exploit/bug/whatever, only getting more work as if doing water and bread wasn’t too tedious already for you.

I actually agree with

You shouldn’t be able to do it on pop items that are tradeable for 2 hours if you were in the same raid.

That is if I understand the sentence right.

Nothing? Warlocks can pay like 1k g for this enchant

Our hotfix for this issue is now live. The benefit of a Zul’Gurub class enchant is canceled if:

  • The player is not the correct class to use the enchant.
  • The player is not level 60.

The item itself will not be destroyed, and the enchant text will still appear on it. If they have one, players can replace the nonfunctional enchantment with another one.

We have have a hotfix coming soon that will prevent this sort of trade from being operable in the first place.


Time to ban all the unguilded bots in Stratholme and Sunken Temple now. (There is more than a 100 on gehennas atm.)