Using ZG enchants on different classes

It isnt a exploit tho, it was used back in the days, Fact. what IS exploiting is using the Trade window on 2h on raid items and doing it, that should lead to removal of the item and maybe even ban
and that is coming from a mage that legit HATE doing it


Plz try to figure this out fast, I have ZG raid tomorrow and I want to know if I should let a mage enchant my bloodvine pants or not.

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That’s it, coming from a mage, if it came from a warlock it could mean something. Coming from a mage your sentence has no meaning as you don’t get anything in return for this mechanic/exploit/bug/whatever, only getting more work as if doing water and bread wasn’t too tedious already for you.

I actually agree with

You shouldn’t be able to do it on pop items that are tradeable for 2 hours if you were in the same raid.

That is if I understand the sentence right.

Nothing? Warlocks can pay like 1k g for this enchant

Our hotfix for this issue is now live. The benefit of a Zul’Gurub class enchant is canceled if:

  • The player is not the correct class to use the enchant.
  • The player is not level 60.

The item itself will not be destroyed, and the enchant text will still appear on it. If they have one, players can replace the nonfunctional enchantment with another one.

We have have a hotfix coming soon that will prevent this sort of trade from being operable in the first place.


Time to ban all the unguilded bots in Stratholme and Sunken Temple now. (There is more than a 100 on gehennas atm.)


We can hope.

Doubt it will happen at this point, too busy adding more layers

Is this how it works in the reference client?

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You could at least let the ZG enchant work on BoE… Like it used in Vanilla

Could you explain why you are being selective when it comes to fixing exploits?
How come we have no response regarding the exploit of diamond flask having a 100% healing coefficient?
And not to mention the several things that are listed under the “Not a bug list”. You seem keen on fixing whatever miniscule exploit there is that gives a slight boost to class specs that arent even viable for most raids while you let warriors that is the most broken class in this game as of currently have all the fun they can.

Did this ZG enchant not work in the reference client? I highly doubt it because we have twinks on retail armory with that enchant.


Thank you for the fix!
I think it was very fast and good way to address the issue.

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Remove layers.

They did warn us before Classic launch that they’d fix exploits even if they were present in the old game.

what makes this different compared to heroic strike bug that was NOT fixed because, and I quote:

As this bug was present throughout Original WoW, we do not currently consider it to be a bug and is merely an aspect of the original game that was carried over into Classic.





Perhaps because the Heroic Strike “bug” only affects the damage done by Warriors - possibly not in a gamebreaking way - while this bug about ZG enchants:

  1. Affects all classes to a significant degree
  2. Can lead to scams in trades etc.

and because in vanilla, we had to write a ticket to a gm if we had item wrongly distributed during a raid for them to pass said bop loot to the right player basicly wasting alot of their time and manpower, just to redistribute loot :stuck_out_tongue:

but on classic we have 2hour trade window to get rid of that. wich means we can give any bop bis for whole classic item to any player who has good zg enchants or similar, who then does this tradetrick and passes it to the right person causing us to gain a effect that -was not present in vanilla-.

everyone throwing around “butbut muh classic experience” arguments but not realizing that this was not how it was in classic if we can enchant even bop items with these. and im fully supporting this change even if it means im never going to hitcap my self.

and as said above, it opens up scamming wich again these days actually can be reported, dont remember there being much of that back in vanilla atleast off my head (correct me if i was wrong).

sure some things are different from how it was in vanilla, but in my opinion it doesnt change the essence of what old wow used to be. that far more rpg feeling experience with alot more feeling of danger, when you are just another traveller in the world and not just champion of azeroth healing ta woons for magni.

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Nightfall is still bugged (nerf from 2.4.3 somehow in 1.13).
Shadow oil still has 10 seconds internal cooldown (which didn’t exist until TBC).
Diamond flask still has 100% spellpower scaling (Runeblade was nerfed in like 2 weeks after it was discovered)
Shamans can (and do) abuse spellbatching to get a guaranteed crit with 2 spells in 1 batch.