Utter dissapointment at tier 3 unlock requirements

I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla and have never made a forum post.

I felt compelled to convey how depressed the ridiculous requirements to unlock the tier 3 transmog appearances have made me.

The process of unlocking them is so thematic and fun but the massive gold costs and reliance on a player who has an unobtainable achievement to be able to access these mogs feels like a massive miss.

As someone who was mained frost mage for years and has always wanted the tier 3 appearance, I was so excited about this feature.

The BMAH always felt likely a completely impossible way to access this mog without bankrupting yourself.

Please Blizzard, drastically reduce the gold cost requirements for the Phylacterweave and remove the requirement on Drop, Dead, Georgeous achievement for recipe acquisition. Its far too heavy handed and is killing an otherwise fantastic re-introduction of some beautiful sets.


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