Vakkiz the Windrager does not drop anything


In Skettis (Terokkar Forest), there is a series of quest to gain Sha’tari Skyguard reputation. The last step of this questline is Adversarial Blood, which requires to slain four monsters including Vakkiz the Windrager to then retrieve an item called Time-Lost Offering that can be used to summon Terokk. However, to farm the reputation after the initial questline and slain Terokk again, t is necessary to obtain four items from the four different monsters, among which Vakkiz’s scale from Vakkiz’s corpse.

The issue is that Vakkiz’s does not drop anything. The bug has already been reported multiple times, and seems to be caused by the transformation of Vakkiz into its skeletal form: if it is slain in that form, its corpse will not be lootable.

The only solution for the moment consists in using an overleveled character to kill Vakkiz before its transformation, but that is hardly satisfactory.

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