Valor point system needs tweaking

Hello Blizzard.

First, let me say that valor point system is good step forward, us M+ players have been looking for love from your side. That being said, current implementation needs a little tweaking.

The problem is valor farming coupled with low random loot drops from end chests.

I did some math, and for me as a rogue, if I want all slots BiS and all slots upgraded to 220 ilvl, I need to farm 16 items and upgrade them. If I somehow get them while aiming for all keystones on 15 ( so that I can fully upgrade them) I will need to farm 18225 valor points, considering I have all items on rank 9 and I need to upgrade them 3 ranks each. That is 135 M+ runs if i don’t want to wait for callings or approximately 428 days if I dont want to see another mythic again.

First, this doesn’t sound like a reasonable farm. Yes I may get occasional BiS from weekly chest, but that is bandaid on a broken arm because let’s be real, how often does that happen… That is still speaking about best case scenario, where I have all BiS items while farming keystone master achievment.

So I thought of a workaround, to make this farm less demanding. If I already have keystone master achievment, I can farm all missing BiS items on rank 6 (200 ilvl or mythic 7) and then farm twice as much M+ runs on keys like 2 or 3 so that it is fast and easy. I will get the missing valor points in probably faster time then farming 15+ keys, and I will get BiS 220 ilvl on easy mode.

Here’s the problem. I am either doing high keys that are hard and not exactly rewarding, which is dreadful to farm valor on, or I am doing boring low keys which I speed through, but I don’t push myself, or the group to higher level. My friends and I want to push our Rio as high as possible and we need good gear for it, but we are not raid or pvp players (at least not most of us). We do M+ dungeons and we push keys. Please, 15+ keys should drop exquisite loot, that is hard content. having 226 weekly is nice, but mythic raider can get 226 from the weekly and from the raid. We are currently behind, and this system will only increase the amount of lower keys being played, but for all the wrong reasons.

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