Vampiric Touch help needed

Hello guys, I’m leveling up a shadow priest.

Do I use vampiric touch in AOE situations or do it leave it out of the rotation, in those kind of situations?
I’m not completely sure when to use it tbh.

Thx in advance

There’s 2 ways to go about it, and it depends how many mobs you want to aoe

2-5 targets with psychic link talent; put vampiric touch on them, mind blast away to hurt them all. Psychic link is a strong talent for most contents.

4+ targets; talent searing nightmare and use that and nothing else. You can target the tank with mind sear if you don’t want to commit to a mob that’s just going to die. With less than 4 ish targets it can be hard to generate enough insanity, but on the upside it just keeps scaling up.

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