Vanilla Horde, Where You At!?

Greetings, folks - RopeDrink here (for anyone who remembers that pesky two-toed Troll Rogue).

I’m sitting here eating dinner and wondering where Khadgar-Horde has gone to. I see Slaughter Squad is still going (was my first guild back in the day, up until I joined Bovine Intervention before the rise of TBC), and Little Guild of Horrors (who I was never a part of but always remember seeing).

I don’t see Paradigm anywhere - the guild I was part of in WotLK - but I only have the guild-finder to go on. I’m sure a lot of people are still here but just moved on to different guilds, or hiding from me.

Any big old-school guilds from the good old days open to recruiting a two-tank + healer Hordie who is semi-active until FFXIV ShadowBringers?

Old name, how nice, but no, it’s been 15+ years, most alliance and horde guilds / players have stopped playing or moved no, at least there are more old alliance guilds and players then horde’s as far as I’ve noticed.

Preaching to choir, one who has been around for those years and seen what time has wrought for the community/server, so comments like that won’t achieve much I’m afraid. It simply reaffirms why I’m asking in the first place, especially when I see my very first guild still going forward in BFA, even if it may not have its original members (though I do recall seeing some of them an expansion ago).

I’m still here after all those years (in one way or another). Others will be, too. Not as many. Not all on the same server. Not all the same faction. Or race. Or character. Some probably don’t even read the forums. And yes, a lot will have moved on entirely. None of that makes it a bad idea to ask, and so I repeat the question regardless.

Think you might have missunderstood, was marely saying “hi” since I remember you from 15 years ago, but alas, as I said, most people have moved, don’t know that much about horde side, but on the alliance there are quite a few people from the days back.

Well you’ll have to understand how the above looked more like sarcasm than a straight “Hello” ^^

So, er… Hello!

Hey Ropey, Deadly here :grinning:. We raided together with Bovine, and by coincidence I was just checking your Bovine vs Kazzak TBC video some days ago (and yes, those lightnings flying from the right side must have been mine). I’m probably coming back for (new) Vanilla. The game has evolved, but all my better memories are Vanilla and TBC related.


Good to see you again, Deadly!

Aye, I have fond memories of my time with Bovine - there’s not many keyturning clicker PvP troll-rogues who could say they got into a raiding guild and saw AQ, MC and Naxx :wink:

Pretty sure you were with me for various TBC heroics too (back when they hit just as hard as those raids), definitely my favourite time in WoW.

I’ll probably avoid dedicating myself to classic, though. Might give it a try, but for me I’d just be re-doing something that was new and shiny at the time (which isn’t any more), even if I regard vanilla and TBC as some of the best gaming years of my life. To re-endure that grind once more as a pushing-40 gamer just isn’t the same :wink:

Just in-case there were any doubts :slight_smile:

Ahhh, the old videos, back when I was a keyturner and my computer couldn’t record WoW higher than 1024x768 without dropping to 20 FPS, and teenage me thinking 1337 sp33k was all the rage…

I still remember Hezz casually explaining Patchwerk tactics in Naxx, knowing a wipe was imminent, but needing to show new Bovine people what it was like… And getting utterly shrekked.

Some more bovine memories.

Rope, Egnarol, Jadeis, Hezz, Cowiegirl vs Mennu (Heroic)

Rope, Egnarol, Jadeis, Cuernos and Filia (friend from Slaughter Squad who’d frequently join us), Durnholde.

Rope, Egnarol, Golgar, Bearish and Sharo, Nethermancer Sepethria.

Fun videos of me and Violation back when we used to duo various TBC dungeons to get him some of the currency he wanted. Videos of our raid against Doom Lord Kazzak (and that big Robot thingy).

Then WotLK came along and I moved more into the PvP side of things with Duraz (ex-Bovine) and Open Face Surgery was born. Ended up making a lot of arena videos for WCM and finally got a decent computer.

It was at that point where I lost touch with Bovine and Slaughter Squad but got to spend time with Me Tank Got Spanked, sister guild of Home of the Ghost Lords, who we fought against (and danced with) so many times in those endless BG’s, especially when trying to get Lorange High Warlord :smiley:

Ahhhh, makes me actually want to give Classic a go, even though I know I’ll be groaning in agony after 30mins of grind!

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