Vanilla Player LF Guild


“old” (32) vanilla player looking for guild, any class / spec

Having a hard time with the “standards” of the new raiders, “getting logs in hc pugs” lolz

my experience:
Top EU raiding from Vanilla up to Dragon Soul (on my rogue)
I was used to raid 6hours a night for 6 days if not 7 during progress,if time left, alt raids, after dragon soul got back into every expansion but got bored of hc raiding (on alts) and just quit.

Currently I have once again the time to go “semi, hardcore raiding”. I’ve been a recruitment officer from Zul Gurub (vanilla) until Dragon Soul. Logging top 30EU (wasn’t happy with anything less, yes i was the elitist once :wink: )

Twisting Nether EU guilds, Souls of Eternity, Terrokar Terrorist’s, Nightwatchers (alliance before faction change excisted), Beyond Redemption, Conspiracy, Fast Forward, Clarity,… (horde) not a guild hopper but “death and taxes (Paragon)” didnt make it easy on TN EU for guilds to survive summer breaks. The migrating of Method didn’t to our realm didnt help much hence why me and few friends went to Outland to play rated RBG’s…

All characters on my current armory “guild” are my own, willing to lvl, gear any class and spec for next raid

I want to have a fun social experience, but i still feel the urge to PUSH and “get there”

Open for any offers!

Kind regards,

(check achievements on armory going from “tabard of argent dawn”, “high five 2k”, “hand of a’dal pre last nerf” up to current hc natria clear on a 209 holy paladin with 4days played)

ps: willing to migrate, faction change, it all does not matter to me!

Add me for a talk plz.Seems like we could/should work something out. Fao#21189

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We could be a good fit for you depending on what you play :slight_smile:
We are Tooth and Fang, Horde and on the Draenor server. We are looking for skilled DPS players to strengthen our roster and progress. We raid on wed/thurs 2100-0000 ST.
If this suits you and youd like a further chat please feel free to message me, no obligation!

My discord is Elfilda#9187 and my battle net is Petrova#2255

Hey man!

We are about to start mythic raiding next tier and we would love to have you be part of our team. Give this a read and tell me what you think. You’ll find my bnet/discord there.

we are the guild for you Mythic guild formed by some ex Method players. We formed a guild to avoid pugging since that is Retarded way to lose nerves. We are a semi-hardcore guild so you can expect to use seriousness and dedication!

We are sadly on Horde-Kazak. For more info /w me back for more details. We are honest and we wanna have a proggresion that is our goal at this point!

Not quite sure how much time commitment you wanted to have or how hard a push you want but if you think we’d be a good match, come have a chat.

Hi Vamu

I am an officer in a guild called Lux Aeterna on Deathwing, Horde side.
Hook me on Discord: Antionette#8339 For a chat :slight_smile:

Hi! Firstly I absolutely refuse to acknowledge that 32 is old!
Secondly depending on what you mean by ‘getting there’ we might be a good fit for what you are seeking. One thing we don’t push for is CE, not because our players don’t have the skill but because what has always been more important in our oooft - 14 year old now - guild has been the people over the progress. So we raid Mythic but the progression is secondary. Add me if you fancy a chat Asta#2730 Our guild is called Fury on Silvermoon if you want to look us up first :slight_smile:

Hi Vamu,

Let us know if your available for a chat.

Battlenet: Psykick06#2401

Hello. Add me on discord for a chat: Mimilini#1820