Vanillashy, the greatest ninja of all times, our servers legend

Hey guys, sorry for speaking from my other character however it seems bugged and i cant changed it somehow.

I would like to thank you all for letting me be the most important person on our small server. I am and I will always be and I really enjoy all you talking about my great persona.

Just before u speak some crap about me doing stuff I don’t, just bear in mind that there are hundreds of people on our server which got items in my so called PuGs.

My name is the most commonly used name in trade and lfg because of that since im very, very important.

Well time for the less important things like the name of my ex-guild which is Conquest.
I am honest and true to my bone, dont play with them. Why? Well, I got many reasons just search for my name in forums and read everything not just partially if you really want to know whats up.

So basically, im not a ninja. Today I got some warrior from 0/8 t1 to 6/8 t1 and i could easly grab a t1 helm, chest and belt for myself. But HEY IM A LEGEND I DONT NEED IT.

Some internet trolls claim that ive took a Viskag last week from onyxia and trying to spoil my great reputation (somehow whatever you guys trying to do, i still run PuG MC and Ony runs as RL/ML (i think all your efforts are…)).

So basically, Ive won the sword and wanted to dual tank with it, but since so many lootwh0res claimed im a ninja because i won it, I gave it to one nice guy who wanted it but never called me a ninja.

Anyways, thanks for the glory, my gloryhole minions, keep talking random stuff bout me, the thing is, I rule this server in a very positive manner.

Usually u get 50%/50% when it comes to terms of power and then both sides fight for the chair. Here its more like 2 people out of 40man raid group which cry every time. which is like 2.5%.

These 2.5% calling me ninja people are usually:
*rolling twice because they didnt win
*are the most rude people in the raid
*they feel like they deserve something more than others
*they would never pass a BiS item like I did several times
*if they were in my position, guess where all the loot go
*they are too lazy to join a raid guild and commit or too lazy to form their own pug
*they never ran a pug themeselves but they know everything about loot distribution
*they dont see that a winner is a winner
*they live in igloos

So yes. I rule this server, since only 2.5% people disagrees with me theres nothing to stop me from gearing friends, your alts, or your mains. So feel free to join my raids, all mats, pats and stuff like that was always and will always be reserved for me! NOTHING CHANGED!!

Ask in your guild, if theres anyone who has got something in my raids and check up on me yourself! Im pretty sure, you will find the right answers right behind the corner

Im pretty sure i served every guild on our server.

Your sincerly,

Vanillashy/Vanillasky (the greatest legend of our server)

guild named conquest is full of ninjas, racists, stalkers and offenders, but its a good place to join to get gear and leave(if you get lucky) since thats the most common use of that guild. They just cant let me go, i was so important to them.

ok boomer

Im just saying boost sellers in retail aren’t important even though they spam the chat, but then again i dont play classic that much to notice

Sounds made up, but its not me you have to show evidence too :wink:

i get offended by them every day, I left the guild without the word and they kept stalking on me, whispering another guild i was in and stuff like that.
Their member called dich was begining me for my own item for 2 days like it was his.

you got some info here

Cheers, tbh i dont really care but i want to be entertained, so imma take a look at it

Drama is entertaining ok?

hahahahaha love you

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Not a drama…

Just a little poor guy who ruins his reputation on server by ninja looting. Sad to hear that he still blaming all others.

From my perspective i just see 2 children bickering tbh

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