Vanillashy - the guy u dont want to play with

Ment to type that with my rogue ended up with a lvl 10 warrior :slight_smile:

I don’t know what exactly happens, all I know - the guy from raid was pissed and send me this screenshots to let me share this.

Maybe mr. Pituf bought it, I don’t know. Anyway all I know — he was tryin to sell it and mb he did sell it to u mr. Pituf.

And I don’t blame you if u have bought it from Vanilla, I blame Vanilla that he sell it (if he is)

blame yourself and zmugzmug for your guild to die :stuck_out_tongue: u get what u deserve,
also its not too nice to call people what you are, or guessing when your iq is so low, bless

Yes, yes it does. Listen, you decided to spend gold on the bracers, just because they dropped it doesn’t mean you should take them to recoup your money especially when I assume there are others in the raid who do need them or could also sell them to recoup money they paid for gear. You didn’t have to buy them that was your choice which you ended up punishing other people for. You know what you did was wrong, don’t pretend otherwise.

I don’t know which side is at fault really, most likely both sides. But just because you didn’t agree with how a guild treated you doesn’t give you the right to treat random players the same way, if anything that makes you worse than them if what your saying is true. Also if you truly didn’t like how the guild was being run you could have /gquit and found another guild.

Do you guys do anything besides arguing like children over there?

Also naming and shaming isn’t allowed still

ive won the roll and other tanks had them already.

Replying 1 more (hope thats gonna be last) time.

  1. I am not an officer of Conquest guild.
  2. Zmugzmug is not an officer of Conquest guild.

We are just players, who doesn’t like ninjas.

  1. If someone think, that I am telling lies - here is a screenshot of LFG channel.

Its perfectly displays Vanillashy’s reputation on server.

idk whats wrong with your head, just get over it, you smelly poor fake cqonuest ninjas. bye bye

why is this post still here?

What do you mean?

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