Vanillashy - the guy u dont want to play with

We got this dude for a month or two in our guild. Then he was reported as a ninja.

He asks to run his own PUG raids without guild members.

In Vanillashy PUG raids he stole items from other ppl. I got 2 screenshots:
1 - Vanillashy rolling on Bracers of Might
2 - Vanillashy equiping this bracers with enchants.

That is the moment when all starts.

He was kicked from guild after this. And join another guild and starts do the same thing. I show this screenshots to the officers of his new guild and he was kicked from another guild aswell.

Now he is complaining that our guilds are ninjalooters and do some dirtytalk on us. So I want to report all this as a Harassment.

If any of @Blizzard community managers can open up investigation about this - I will be happy.
Blizzard pls help us! This player tryin to ruin our reputation on server with no reason. The behavour of Vanillashy (lvl 60 warrior - Gandling) is out of Terms of service and this is direct harassment. I hope that Blizzard can help solving it.

I got some feedback from his previous guild - that he was tryin to sell items dropped in Onyxia PUG that he hosted.

Pls reply in this threat with ur position

Yeah ive WOn the bracers, i had ones i bought before but wait, does IT mean im a ninja? Because i Didnt want to spend my own Gold?
For me a ninja is someone who Takes item from core members without letting them roll or prioritising healers like its a main tank.
Because of this most core members left conquest. You worry about what People Think of your guild. Well Everyone kmows conquest is crap. Good book is not abut the cover but the inside. You want a nice cover but You dont care about your members and steal from them.
I left the guild without the Word even though i xould Say a lot about your practices. Its You who unfairly follow me. I spend my Gold how i like and its non of your business. I xould have a ready bracer, Just waiting for a drop SO i dont waste Mt own Gold.
But thats how conquest rolls. Since Day 1 oficers begin for mats and stuff.
Trying to Control peoples Gold and taking loot from guildies.

If You left me alone i wouldnt Say anythjng Because i dont care, but You re Just a bunchof private server ninjas.

Igot 50 items to conquest(mostly ex) members. Thats not even a half of items u ninjaed from your own guildies!!! Who left!!

Also iwas inthe guild Since 2 months. I wanted to buy ingnots for example. Conquest gm offered me them for double what other guilds asked me!!!

And where does this Gold go? Noone gets free consumables or anything!

Anyways, im not a ninja
Ywsterday i ve woń an onyxia sword fairly! And i Still Gave IT to someone from abother guild. SO please ninjas. Stop Talking crap about me, you ve started IT. You tried to ninja my recipe which was Reserved and to be honest, i Would give IT to you. But dont you have enpugh guildies to ninja from?

Good Luck, ninjaconquest

lo and behold, Vanillashy is here to lie some more.
the truth is, Vanilla, that we would have stopped talking about you if you didn’t start smearing our guild publicly on the forums.
what goes around comes around, and your own behavior ingame is what gets you kicked from guilds, not Conquest members being “mean” to you and “spreading lies” about you. i propose Dich posts the screenshots of your deeds here so everyone can see that you are a liar, and a ninja.

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The thing is. Wheres the guild core? I mean People thats dont play private servers. I Played retail here and then. Never been called a ninja but what can u expect from russians on Eu servs.
You ninjaed a lot, You dont care about peoples effort.
I was 100% with the guild. And because u wanted to ninja my recept You pulled up on some boe epic. People win them and sell which is worse but who Cares.
IT only shows what sort of People are You.
You shouldnt follow me, because i only helped fellow guildies while i was in IT.
Well, Just go back to private servers. But Hey, i heard your guild was the same there.
Even dontgankme Didnt Pay me 100g he promised for a flurry axe that i could have needed… Dont worry, Just f u

It cant be a reason why u stealing items from ppl to make more money

You tried to steal my recipe. I had enchanted bracers so what, its my business. Anyone can have such and replace. Its simple. 2 other warriors from conquest got a pair for free in my raid before I did.
I also pass a lot of items if someone convince me that they are nice and they really dedicated and want an item.
Anyways, people know who you are and how you act. Good luck ninjaconquest with your variable core

Also you got unfairly a lot of pieces at the start, while Kat is so much better healer than u. Bless

I can’t steal ur recipe.

The thing is simple — u are making money with some dirty moves. Thats sad dude.

You cant even speak for yourself, dont speak for me. Your guild is a shameland, anyone who sees zmugs responses can confirm that, everyone who left the guild can confirm that.
I also heard u lost your 3rd raid leader, your gm is offline and the most normal officer ninajed 100g from me… and guess what !!! I didnt tell anyone, I didnt cry. But sometimes u just need to man up because friendships >100g but what can u expect from a bunch of priavte server ninjas(your guild note says that)
I would never open my mouth to shame you but you asked for it. I would never be such a jerk even though you deserve it. You pulled me into this and maybe im not 100% innocent. But i worked my karma out a lot. The stuff i took was the stuff that i deserved or won.
I also remember half of your officers asking me to ninja them some boes - should i open my screenshot case?:slight_smile: (you can say now it was a joke hahah but was it a joke when you took a list of items from people who were in guild and which efforts got wasted on several occasions until everyone got pissed?)
Then you tried to put a blame on me, but now i remembered so many officers asking me to ninja them some boes but i never did.

And yes, you were beging for the recipe for 2 days and tried to force me to give it to you, 100% conquest taste and style.
I even told fluffs that he is gonna get it from me if i dont get a 500g+ offer and i didnt. But luckily you lootw0res kicked me on time. You tried to cover your in-guild crap with me. And i was offline for 3 days when 20 people left cause your gm ninjaed all the gear to whoever he wanted.

I would never say anything that I did even though everything is true. You shouldnt follow me, I didnt do nothing bad to you. And you decided to stalk me and talk stuff about me where you ninjaed all tier 1 so Katrina left the guild. Many other left like Kat, i dont know every single situations. All i see are friends in other guilds.
You tried to poop on be but the poop backfires on you. I will have my MC run with random people from random guilds. I ve run 10 MC’s. Let’s say there are 2 lootw0res in every raid. It gives approx 380 happy and 20 unhappy people.
You can add to that lets say 1 extremely happy person per week who got 1 item that i’ve won.

Cya loser

Sad to hear that some ppl ask u to ninja loot for them. I cant believe it. Show me the screenshots or don’t blame ppl for the things they never done.

I know that u steal items and some people close their eyes on this. I dont. I think people of Gandling server deserve to know that you are keep stealing items.

see, you re full of sh*t, i think i wasted enough time, better leave me alone or get ready to disband:) elo

I am still sure that all of you behave should makes ur account freezed for a long time. All because u broke terms of service so many times. And you still making harassment on me and on my guild with no reason.

well im pretty sure if someone looks forward to this, then its you who keeps following me. not the other way around, you started it. I only put some info in a nice way for everyone to see. Who is harrassing and who is insulting and who is lying its clear to see. Proably you and your guiild’s members. Bless I didnt do nothing bad.

hahaha, Yes ive won the roll for the sword. So i can do the hell i want to with the sword. I gave it to one guy from SC for free ! BECAUSE IM THIS NICE

bracers i had enchanted but didnt want to spend gold. BECAUSE THATS WHAT EVERYONE IS DOING

Wow, you re such a loser. Look at the amount of truth about your guild that backfired on you.

nice try bro, nice try. I m sure your plan worked as intended hahahahaha
heres the link for the topic if someone wants more info about conquest

PS. Why dont you put a screen of me winning the roll as well for the sword ? :smiley: hahaha, i still gave it to someone. You guys are the worst of a kind.

I didnt do nothing hahahahahaha and you uncovered your beloved guild. I wouldnt say a word, but u get what u deserve, go back to private servers and leave players that pay sub since 10 years alone you damned ninjas.

Its funny how u got mad over a recipe u tried to ninja from me. Begger.

You are just like these ninjas who tried to roll twice for a sword and take it from a winner. And this guy who is crying over sword that i have won has a sulfaras… What a ninja community ;).

Reported OP, it’s not allowed to call out people on the forums.

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man this guy is the worst. liar is a liar. he doesnt even have any decent evidence that would put me in a ninja bracket lol. He says im a ninja because i won a sword XD. He said im a ninja because i reserved a recipe(that he was begging me for 2 days). So on and so on. What a miserable being. he agress with people that tried to steal my roll and tries to call me a ninja while I helped so many people on our server lolololol

Look Borat, If i was a ninja I would be full epic with sulfaras long time ago :stuck_out_tongue: save


You take BoEs and stuff to farm gold on you hand of Rag mace.
You said it to me.
You said that you need gold for it and that you don’t care about others.

The whole topic about the WARNING other ppl and letting them know the situation.

When I was invited to officers discord (when u were PUGgin Ony) - i show em screenshots (links above) and tell them:
“He is a good guy, If u can watch and control him” - they choose to kick you off. And you instantly start to blame them aswell for unfair loot council.

So pls just stop stealing items from ppl, dude. Hand of Rag is not OP weapon for warriors. Its not worth it.

whatever man, you put hell of truth and crap out of your guild by following and stalking me. The thing is, if any moral person reads what i said and what you said then its really clear to see that I defended myself well. However u cant defend yourself from facts i provided.

Anyways. Enough is enough.

I would ninja 10 items easly, but like I dont really play this game. So when i had an occasion to insta get the mace I just passed on it. Like i passed on the ony sword. Like i didnt stalk you. like i didnt tell you what a b*tch of a guild you are.

great signature

UPD: he delete it

its for others to judge, you started it, I have a strong line of defence, now try to defend yourself with more lies or dont, I dont care, all i said is truth, bless you

I joined a random pug with no ms>os but everything rollable. It was last day before Ony reset and since i didn’t do it i said to myself why not jump in there. The tank won the Vis’kag roll and probably everybody trolled him however i was a nice person and just talked with him. He ended up giving me the sword.