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Hello Noggenfogger.

Vanquished is currently recruiting for The Burning Crusade.

… A little about us

We are a family-coordinated PVE/PVP guild, with high-end experience in TBC, such as pre-nerf Sunwell experience and Gladiator/Hota experience on retail. We have played the game for many years, and wish to continue to do so in a more casual atmosphere.

We will be raiding all content whenever possible, whilst trying to push for our second 10 man raiding team, and possibly second 25 man raiding team. We believe two raids per week gives everyone a much better chance at gearing their characters and gives a more flexible time-frame for those with busy schedules.

…Raiding with Vanquished

We do not use Loot Council - We will never use Loot Council. This guild values fairness, we do not believe handing loot out for X Y Z reason is fair, regardless of any in game action. We will be using good old DKP.

We would like our members to know their class and specializations at a high level. We do not want to be telling you how to play your characters. With that being said, knowing what gear you should and should not be going for, as well as consumables and attendance should also be taken into consideration before joining.

We will be using Discord for our raids. The only thing we believe that needs to be said here is that we want everyone to be using Push-To-Talk. There is nothing worse than hearing Cheeto’s being munched while explaining something. Other than that, we are comfortable with everything else – Just don’t be toxic, and be sure to read our rules within the discord.

…What we are currently recruiting and what we expect

Vanquished are currently recruiting Tanks and Healers. But this is not limited to those, as we are a casual guild that will accept anyone, regardless of experience or level. We will try our best to make sure you understand everything you need to know.

  • Tanks (Prot Paladins, Warriors, Druids)
  • Healers (Holy Priests, Holy Paladins, Resto Druids, Resto Shamans)
  • Enhancement Shamans / Shadow Priests / Fury Warriors

We expect you to, as above, know your class and chosen specialization. Come prepared with consumables and have a good standing with your attendance. You should aim to meet at least one of the raids per week (based on the lower two-raid week).

…The Burning Crusade Launch Leveling

Vanquished is also looking for Tanks - Healers for multiple Dungeon groups that will be happening the moment that TBC goes live, with more becoming active later on in the morning/day. If you wish to join us and our leveling groups, then please follow the link below to our discord, and sign up in the Dungeon-Leveling-Groups section. Feel free to directly PM on discord for any more information on anything above.

Ingame Name: Opty / Vexington
Personal Discord: MartinEZK#1337
Guild Discord:

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