Vashj the forgotten server?


Blizz merged vashj with these servers and not even mentioned in the title.
Also as Vashj is merged with mostly Alliance servers. Now it’s a real pain to do missions as it’s overrun bye alliance and so almost all mobs are tagged by alliance players.

So thank you Blizzard, At least you should have given ppl the chance to change servers for free or make it possible to tag the same mobs as the alliance.
PVP is already impossible, now even normal questing is a pain.

Most players in the guilds are from Stormreaver/Spinebreaker. From time to time you can see Haomarush/Dragonmaw like myself but vashj is rare ^^. PvP is impossible on all realms horde or alliance dominated!

Yea but so are doing simple quests like Nazjatar as the alliance overrun everything so try to do quests like the one were you need to kill glimmering crabs to get Hefty Glimmershell. There are only a few mobs at a time and the only way to do the quest is by standing and waiting on a spawn spot or at late night hours. I just swams with alliance players tagging everything.

Hhmm since latest hot fix couple of days ago i haven’t noticed any difference in Nazjatar still mostly horde :confused:

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