Vault of Archavon

I’ve been running Vault of Archavon for a couple of months and noticed after this week’s reset that the doors are open. I checked the recent patch notes and couldn’t see anything there about this.

I was just wondering if this is intended? If so, it’s a welcome change as it saves me making multiple trips there to use the teleporter to get inside.

It’s been a while but as I recall it’s related to which faction won the last battle. If Alliance won, the door is open for them but not Horde and vice versa.

Thanks for the reply Justice.

I checked again after this week’s reset and when the Alliance are in control, for 3 x Alliance characters the doors are open.

When the Horde are in control, for 2 x Horde chars the doors are closed.

I’m pretty sure that the doors are normally closed but I’ve only been running this raid since March this year when I did the Elders world event and found out how the door and teleporter (are supposed to) work.

So it’s still a bit of a mystery to me.

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