Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing 1 Now Live!

Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wing 1 Now Live!

End Raszageth the Storm-Eater’s plans of freeing her fellow incarnates within the Vault of the Incarnates beginning 13 December with Dragonflight Season 1!

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At this point, you don’t need to stagger the LFR release.


Can you please stop treating those who don’t have time to raid outside lfr as second class citizen please?


sweet, i’ll pug some normals and try to reach heroic!

does anyone know if the Raz skin is Mythic exclusive?

Which campaign quest? You can do LFR, which I will be doing but I also am vehemently against blocking questing content behind group content. It has caused me to quit WoW several times until they removed it e.g. the Zandalar raid blocked the campaign for the Horde for a time.

It’s the end of The World of Warcraft. It’s the end of The World of Warcraft. It’s the end of The World of Warcraft for real this time.

I was naive to thing that if you not been level 70 within 8 hours of launch and farmed everything to the max by now and farmed the obsidian keystone for that extra pieces, done all the mythic 0 dungeons twice and all world quests and all Renown quests up to their level 25/30 max. You don’t stand a chance to even get into a normal run right now…

Even though we were promised a casual friendly experience this expansion.

And Blizzard wonder why Boosting sites are so popular, because casual players are buying it to do the raids because the elitist group of wow that Blizzard is catering wont let you do a normal run.

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The Campaign quest at tyrhold require you to kill the end boss of the raid, which will first be available on LFR Wing 3 which comes out in 3 weeks

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Oh. I don’t think that gates any of the campaign, the chapter “The Motherstone” is completed. For all we know, the end of the quest is “Ah, thanks for that.” and nothing more, like with the Jailer. If it isn’t, they’re going backwards.

The quests is part of the series of getting a spark of ingenuity, as far as I have been told it’s also part of the achievement for unlocking the ability to track sparks later on so it would seem to be important. It just requires you to kill the end boss of the raid. Which on LFR you can do from January 16.

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Feedback: On Sennarth, Warlock pets constantly get stuck on lower floors, I will presume that hunter pets are bugged as well on that fight.

From what I know it is completely unrelated. The spark of ingenuity quest is from the titan watcher, part 2 was today. They might be dungeon gated but I don’t believe they are related to the raid.

you know your server is bad when they want 395+ requirements for a normal raid run. and the drops are 387

Currently not able to do on my server because no Dungeons are shown in LFD and nearby all old raids are shown in LFR but tool say I do not met requirements for those old raids in LFR.

Sorry wrong Character was choosen.


I agree, i’m already getting loot that’s equal or better than LfR loot from World quests, rares, and primal invasions, and let’s face it: Making LfR-only raiders wait a month for the other wings to open up won’t make us “step up” and face the hassle (and derision) of trying to get into normal-mode PuGs either, so what’s the point of staggering the release of the raid wings?

why cut it up week by week , just release it all , it’s a small raid.

So 10 days? ok see ya :smiley:

Can’t even que for it.

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