VDH or BM - or alts lf a new challenge


Thanks for reading

I am on the lookout for a new guild progressing on mythic - maximum 2 nights given my work schedule and real life commitments - preferably horde but would consider alliance for the right guild. It would also be a big plus if the guild is active in the M+ element of the game on off nights.

I have been playing WoW since TBC and have played at a wide range of difficulties from high end back in the day 6 nights a week through mythic guilds and for the last couple of tiers playing in a heroic only guild with friends who also quit the mythic scene and preferred a more casual approach. However that can only last so long so i am looking for a new challenge.

Primarily looking for a 2 evening mythic progress guild with a later start time UK if possible.

My current main is my Vengeance DH - 217ilevel , 10/10 heroic 1313 RIO (keystone master)

Available other chars Brewmaster monk 217 ilevel (WW is 216 needs a trinket)

Recently started gearing and actively playing my Warlock who is sitting at 209 ilevel at the moment

I also have a Boomkin at 207, Prot pala at 204 , Resto Shaman at 203

Ideally i am looking for a tank role but could be open to dps for the guild and the right environment of course.

I am experienced , well organised guild member and raider , who is always encounter prepared and always tries to maximise his character wherever possible for the content i am undertaking.

Anyways thats enough from me for now if your interested please reply to my posting and i will hit you up alternatively add me on friends Dafunky#21522

Thanks for reading and good luck


Hey Funky.

Currently recruiting to get into Mythic - need a couple of final spots to fill out the roster. We’re Alliance on Silvermoon and after capable DPS. The lock would be great to start with. We don’t tend to recruit tanks as it’s a pivotal role within the team - but once a member is established, opportunites do arise.

We raid Sunday and Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time - cleared 10/10 HC within 4 weeks of guild being formed.

Give me a shout on bnet ( Tonste#2307) or disc (Tonste#3166) if you’d like to discuss further.

Good luck with the search regardless.


Hey Funky!

Our guild (4/10 Mythic) is looking for extra dps for our raid team, and someone with a tank offspec to be able to flex to would be very convenient! If you’re interested you could check out our recruitment post here:

Hey Funky,

we might be just what you are looking for. Tasty Intentions is a laid back, mature but still very focused guild going for mythic progression (we are aiming for Cutting Edge in 9.1 and are 3/10 mythic atm). We raid twice a week and put an emphasis on a toxicity-free, friendly but also proactive and constructive atmosphere. We also do a lot of Mythic+ on the side (have quite a number of people with Keystone Master in the guild).

If you are interested and up for a lil chat let me know, my Bnet tag is Zordan#2158 and my Discord ID is Zordan#2414

as for your spec: we are currently full on tanks (but would appreciate an offtank/3rd tank). So you could either go Havoc or we would be needing a warlock if you would consider switching your main to that.

Hi Funky,

Would love to speak with you more about a DPS role with a Tank off spec.
Please have a read of our post below and if it interests you, please do add me on battle.net


Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Funky,
First of all really liked your post, it is nice when someone says thank you for reading. I have been looking for a Havoc DH with a Tank OS for 3 tank fights for a while (wouldn’t think they are a rare breed but it seems they are). We are an alliance guild on Silvermoon called Fury and we have been active and raiding with the same leadership since 2007. We have 2x raiding teams for different skill levels, an active mythic plus community and a group of friendly and social people. 2/10 Mythic atm. I added you on bnet and I hope to talk to you if you are still looking :slight_smile: ./Asta
P.S Thank you for reading :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Dude 1 day a week raiding guild here!
with people with rough time schedules :wink:

Check us out !

Still on the look out

Hey there :slight_smile:

If you are open to 2 nights a week with us (with sunday being one of them) and playing as a WW monk with tank OS we may have a spot for you. Do feel free to add me (Exodeo#2151) for a chat if you feel this is something you can work with.

[H][Aggramar/Hellscream] The Obsidian Order 5/10M 10/10HC Recruiting a Hunter, Ele Shammy and Warlock - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Still looking

Hey Defunky we aren’t looking for full time tank but we need dps with os tank
Raid times are 10:00 pm to 12:300 server time
Thursday and Sunday
We are currently 2/10 mythic
You can check us out at gow.gg/rx
Add Axel#2566 for more information
Thank you and enjoy your gaming