Velvet Guild is looking for new members

We are group of adults who enjoy their time in WoW as much as outside of it. Our goal is to build a community with main focus clearing normal and heroic and possibly mythic if we have the numbers or the want. raiding on schedule that allows us to take care of our daily lives as well as have fun in Azeroth.

We strive to create a positive atmosphere for anyone in the guild regardless of their aim in the game.

Raiding Schedule:
Main raids:
Wednesday and Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00 ST

Alt raid (non compulsory):
Friday: 20:00 - 23:00 ST

You can also expect daily m+ runs of any and all difficulties as well as more social events, Guild events in game or on disc playing other games.

Whether you focus on raiding, mythic+, pvp or just want to have fun in general, you are free to join us and become part of our community.

Outside of the game we have very active Discord server, where you can get to know us and see who you’re playing with.

Guild Officer of Velvet.

Please contact in game or battle net devereux#21996

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