Venom-Shazzrah LF players and potentially a raiding partner guild

We’re a social raiding guild rather than hardcore. We’ve only recently acquired enough essences to do major domo and start on Ragnoras, ‘as a guild’.

We have a core of 25-30 people and regularly have to pug in players which takes time to set up raids and means we’re still raiding over 2 days, and Onyxia requires PUGS as some are still doing attunements though we’re helping them through them.

We currently require Warlocks as Resto Shamans primarily, though most classes I’d say we can afford to have more in.

If there was a guild struggling with numbers in a similar situation but has healers and ranged dps who might be interested in raiding with us perhaps with a longer term aim or seeing how things go - please get in touch with myself or one of our other officers.

We’ve done 9/10 MC plus 1/1 Onyxia - with majority guild members. Obviously we would rather have a more reliable set of raiders than relying on Pug.

At present we raid Wednesday with Sunday as the carry over day. Onyxia days are still not hard set but we was looking at doing every Tuesday, plus a non-specific night in the weeks that have 2 resets.