Verba Ultima - Alliance - Silvermoon 2/10 M 10/10 HC

Hello all, we’re recruiting to fill out our team for mythic, aswell as HC for next tier.
We’re currently looking for DPS players

Honestly we’d consider almost all specs, but those are the ones that would compliment our comp the best. We welcome people with all experience and only expect you to come prepared to raids and always strive to improve.

Guild Leader and officers have been together since BFA (a few since Wrath) and we’ve cultivated a great environment for raiding, m+ and other multiplayer games such as League, Valheim, Minecraft and CoD.

Raid times are :

  • Wednesday 830-11pm Servertime (Mythic progress)
  • Sunday 730-11pm Servertime (HC farm/Mythic Prog)

We also do optional Alt raids every week
and reclearing HC too

If you’re looking for friends, a great atmosphere and some laughs. come join us

Raidleader- Brann
Discord - DrakesDance#8825
Bnet - Legénde#2726

Discord - Erik#8309 (Bortak)
Discord - Praetorian#4588 (Will)


10/10 guild, would curve again


Nice and lovely people ^^ memes every day!


DK friendly enviroment 11/10. Also, Discord channel dedicated to pets! Cat pictures daily!