Very experienced Bdk with full Uldir hc and 2 mythics LF heroic only raiding guild

(Pravuss) #1

Im a very active, social and experienced blood DK, that currently looking for a guild on TM that only raids Heroic. Outside of raiding i dont mind assisting my guildies to get their weekly done, or just do some fun runs :slight_smile:

A little info about me:
Im a 28 year old student, living in Sweden, that studies to be teacher. Im currently doing my last semester, which takes a fair ammount of my time during the weeks. Which is why i cant commit to a mythic raiding guild, and instead search for a heroic raiding guild, even tho id love to raid mythic.

A little info about my blood dk.

Im a former rank 4 blood dk in legion for M+ on Tarren Mill, and love pushing high keys with my m+ pushing premade group. Atm we are all close to or above 1.8k score and climbing. I got full HC clear in uldir, and 2 mythics, progress for Dazar Alor atm is 7 normal

Should you be interested for a chat, id love to talk to you on my Btag: Balt#2679

Best regards, Pravuss!

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