Very low CPU and GPU usage

Currently running a Ryzen 7 2700x ( I know it’s old, will be replaced soon) and a RX6800. When I’m standing in Valdrakken, I get about 25-35 fps on graphics setting 8. When I look at the CPU usage, one core goes up to 15% max, usually around 8%. All other cores are idling at 0-5%. The GPU usage is between 10% and 40%.

Vsync is disabled, Freesync enabled, no frame limit set of course. Disabling all addons gives me +3 fps but nothing changes regarding the CPU usage, neither does lowering graphic settings.

What is bottlenecking my machine? A friend of mine says his Ryzen 7 5800 has one core going up to 100% at times and he has much better fps in Valdrakken. I feel like my CPU could do a lot more but something is blocking it…

The game is only using 1 CPU thread effectivly.
So it is only natural that you are seing low load on a 8+ core CPU.
30ish FPS seem about right for the 2700x since my 3900x had about 40 and my current 5800X3D about 80 on a full server.

There is not much you can do when CPU limited like that.
The settings with the biggest gains are view distance and environmental detail because they increase the amount of meshes the CPU has to prepare for the GPU.
Anything else like combat interations or addons you cant really adjust much or at all.

Tldr; get a 5800X3D if your mobo supports it via BIOS update and enjoy the “high” FPS😁

The game uses 4 cores.

The game never worked well in player hubs. Most of Valdraken problems will be server related and then your PC has to constantly load and render new assets as players come and go. If you go to a corner of Valdraken without players the performance improves.

There is a main thread and then audio and loading/streaming stuff.
The only thing that matters for performance is that one thread that basically does everything (combat, addons, preparing meshes etc. for the CPU).
As you probably can see, this is the reason the game cripples the fps in raids and in general if many players or NPCs are around.
This has been confirmed by a bluepost a while ago.

The main core handles world state, while the other have draw calls and in player hubs there is a lot more draw calls and more complex world state so you should have high load on all four of them.

Dazar 'alor was sometimes close to 100% load on them :slight_smile: Oribos was less effective and still have to analyze Valdraken.

Maybe it’s time for multi thread support :slight_smile:
Then sexy fps,

That being said the game is likley running some old code still, I guarantee there will be stuff there lingering from launch.

It sounds stupid me saying that but the game is really old and some things won’t have been updated, they only just did the ui updates, before that the game had used the same one without addons from it’s inception.

I myself only added Zperl for it looks and animated portraits but also grid2 for healing ppl up other than that i would still use the old interface of wownif it was doable.

So yh again there’s likley a ton of old stuff in there that needs sorting out.

You know what i’m really wondering, why there is no real FSR 2 or better, DLSS support, maybe eben framegen.
Can’t be that hard to implement if they can add VSR, RT and FSR1 (which is really bad).

Not that it’s gonna help in CPU-limited scenarios, but useful for people playing in higher resolutions.

EDIT: i think DLSS and FSR2 require the game to have a temporal AA component :frowning:

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