Veteran accounts have to be locked out of PvP

Someone has to say it. So I do it now.
First a short description of the problem.
A Veteran Account is a WoW account that once had a running subscription, but now is on F2p status. This means the user of that account can only play characters up to level 20. (keep this in mind, because it’s the part of the problem)
In PvP in general there are two things important to know: If you disable XP gain you cannot enter PvP with all the others players that gain XP. This was meant to keep perfect equipped players out of normal battlegrounds and the game more balanced. (there is an exploit for that, but that isn’t a topic for this forum)
With a Veteran account, you can access normal level 20 (or level 50, no SL license) battlegrounds even if you are perfectly equipped and you kill most normal players in a few seconds - because Veteran accounts don’t count as XP locked.
F2p accounts on the other hand (those that never had a subscription) can’t enter level 20-29 battlegrounds.

This means Veteran accounts are getting massively exploited and make the level 20 bracket unplayable for everyone that isn’t on an account like that.
Even worse you put customers that have an active subscription in a worse situation than those that don’t pay anymore.

For example two accounts to clarify the issue.

A normal (good equipped) hunter at level 20
2000 HP
102 Agility
15-18% Crit/Haste/Mastery
6% Versatility
A Veteran account (full equipped) hunter at level 20
3000 HP
180+ Agiltiy
25-35% Crit/Haste/Mastery
18% Versatilty

The high main stat, the high versatility and the high HP make those accounts so superior, that you can easily win 1v4 with normal players.
This has to change in DF. It completely destroys the brackets in pvp (and puts paying customers in a huge disadvantage)

And it’s the reason for me to quit the game again, because I love PvP and I don’t want to fight vs premades of xp locked 20s that farm their honor levels.


If you can’t beat them.

Did you come across Kayolan OP?

They should be the same at level 20 as locked XP players.

It seems Blizzard did something.

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So, Blizzard, you decided to fix the issue for a day just to create it new?
Now even people with xp off can enter the 20-29 bracket. People that can’t even level out of it and destroying players in full heirlooms with 1-2 shots.

Holy misses, you can’t be serious. Why don’t you just let 60s into level 10 bg without scaling. Same effect, less effort of balancing.

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