Veteran Healer Looking For a PvE Guild

I’ve played for a good 8-9 years now, maining the healing role for said time. During all that time I haven’t taken the time to become serious enough to do Mythic/Heroic Raiding or very high M+. I’ve currently only done +18, playing all healers and many tanks and dps specs. My “talent” is that I learn extremely quickly, mechanically, my intuition is also very good if that comes in handy for all I know. I am willing to mic when needed.

My intention is to hopefully raid and do high m+ in Shadowlands, however I am bound to be busy due to Uni things for quite some time, but I’d still like an invitation, then get going in the Guild when I’m ready and free from Uni.

I have a wide range of experience with all specs, if not a decent amount.

Looking to join this prog Guild as a Mistweaver, perhaps Holy Priest etc, in the future.

Ilvl 462.3 atm on Mistweaver, Realm: Kazzak

Any additional inquiries, whisper me in-game or simply message me on Magic#9653 - Discord. Let me know once you’re able to invite me or if you are and I’ll /gquit my current Guild.

Thank you :heart:

Hello, if you are willing to come to Draenor, and if you like the thread below, you can /w me.