Veteran LF guild to raid with


Hey lads.

I’m looking for a guild to go on raids. Also I want to go on a fresh new realm but I don’t have the money to transfer so you gotta bear with me. Hence I got alot of time at my hands currently it won’t take long to level though.

The Class I would PREFERABLY play would be the Warlock as I got an extremely great amount of fun to kill enemies in PvE and PvP with DoTs, Crits and an army of Demons.

Afar from that it would be ideal if your guild would also be playing other Blizzard games such as Diablo 3 as I like to spent my time with that game aswell.

Now a bit to me as a person

I’m 23 years old, currently waiting to start my military service and therefor got plenty of time to waste. I got a working microphone (which I think should be standard nowadays) and tend to throw in some jokes, be it good or bad ones, every now and then.

On Alliance I preferably play the Dwarves as I like this race the most, though as the Dwarves cannot do everything, I settle sometimes with Humans or Pandaren aswell.

On Horde I prefer the Orcs and the Pandaren. I honestly had troubles liking any of the other races, probably because I’ve been playing Alliance for almost all of my 14 years in WoW now so bear with me on this one

Generally I’m open for both factions and all realms as long as it’s not an RP realm. Nothing against RPers I just find it cringy, especially since most RPers on WoW have worse grammar than my 12 year old cousin.

If you’ve read through this wall of text and think your guild is something for me Flint#22285 would be the name to add to your Bnet friend list and lemme know. Or just answer this thread. Imma look over it like a satellite.

See you on the Battlefield! :muscle:


Good morning :wave:

I’m currently looking for a few more friendly folks to join The Forgotten Few, a small but tight knit guild on Alliance side Arathor server. We have with a good vide with a great community feel to it (a real community, not a blizzard style community) and have been going strong since WOD.

We raid to get the HC curve each tier (we’ve no interest in mythic raiding) at a pretty relaxed pace and a warlock would be great if it works out, ours went on a break after Uldir… raiding without a lock feels wrong :grinning:

We’ve a recruitment discord here with a ton of information on it, feel free to have a lurk and a look around, if it looks right to you there are application details within.

Good luck with your guild search.


The Invitation has run out unfortunately. Could you send me a valid invite link please?


Hello, sorry about that, could have sworn I set that to not expire - silly me.

here you go, this should work:

(Astarriassa) #5

Hiya, we would love another Warlock for our Mythic raiding team. We are social and friendly and have been an active raiding guild in one place since 2007 so we have a solid core and welcome veteran players. We are more about the people than the push in Mythic but have just been lucky to get some really skilled people so its possible for us to progress through. I have added you to bnet so hope to chat to you soon :slight_smile: