Vform vs Dark Ascension and more

Since our dev is having trouble putting identity into either, and they don’t want to put more power into filler spells(and we don’t want to spend talent points on fillers), I suggest baking them into their current powers, the talents we do have;

Dark Ascension - Mind Spike already adds crit into the mix, and with some of our new talents, Mind Blast also loves to crit, and guess what node is directly below DA? Ancient Madness. So how about we either bake a(non diminishing) Ancient Madness into DA, and/or just flat out make Spike, Blasts and Deaths crit while in DA? It’s flat % increase is higher than Vform, and it doesn’t care about dots(still get the effects of mastery though, just not on the dots themselves). In DF, Flay and Sear no longer counts as continuous instant damage but as a dot themselves, this makes it so that their dmg won’t be affected by DA, so instead I was thinking we could possibly make Spike’d Blasts do aoe, or perhaps give DA an inherent Psychic Link effect. :thinking:

Voidform - Counts as if all targets are fully dotted in terms of mastery, meaning even if indirectly, it cares about dots(without having to spread them), so how about we make Monomania a part of this one? It’ll give back a notion of what Vform was in terms of adding power into dots, while being capped to the power of Monomania in terms of scaling.

The above would also put identity and different playstyles into both, as well as keeping what Vform is, and being transformative for DA in the power it now gives to the affected spells.

Extra thoughts on spell pruning as per the bluepost:
Mindgames - We used to have Mental Restrain in the class tree early on. This was a much loved effect of disc throughout I don’t how long, and I know for a fact shadow enjoyed it while it lasted. Now that Mindgames is on the chopping block(plz no :pray:), would it be possible to instead make it a Mind Blast modifying node, that added a reduced Mindgames effect into Mind Blast? Not stacking like Mental Restrain did in early alpha, which is what made it too strong. Rather than adding an entire spell as the capstone for the shadow side of the class tree, this would free up a slot for those who picked it before, while still being enticing for all specs?(Though I think I heard holy lost access to Mind Blast, so probably not. :sweat_smile:)

Dark Void and Shadow Crash - Could we possibly merge the two, removing Dark Void from the tree, and just have Crash apply dots to all 8 targets? Pretty please? :pray:

I know in the bluepost they said they don’t have time for major changes to either Vform or DA, but things still need to be voiced to be considered, and you never know, you might get lucky. :kissing_heart:

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