Viewer's Guide: WoW Classic Summer Bowl

Viewer's Guide: WoW Classic Summer Bowl

Tune in beginning Saturday, June 20 at 17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST to watch the first WoW Classic esport event of the summer.

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Why does this make me laugh hysterically?


It’s the self-isolation due to the outbreak, that’s why. You gone loco.

Trolling retail players with classic esports yeah no thanks .

probably the same funny unbalance fiesta as bfa
blizz is just terrible at esports

What a prize…

Doesn’t esport kinda defeat the point of classic?

I wonder how they want to host e-sport event based on most unbalanced thing in universe.

Hard-core retail would say this is not the correct forums. There is a classic forum for this!

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