Visions of N’Zoth: Auction House Update Preview

I never got the gold from the flasks I sold on the AH.
I compleatly re-seted my UI . Disabled/removed all my addons. Deleted all Cache , WTF and Interface foulders as you guys suggested and still nothing.
Since I realized the AH is not working I have not placed a single item out of fear loosing it. Please fix this and compensate me by restoring either the gold I never got, or the items that I sold (and never got payed on) .

will your fixes also Fix lost mail that have been sent Character to character. i sent 980 abyssal healing potions on Wednesday from my main to an alt on the same account. logged over only to discover 480 have been received. i sent 4 full mails worth of attachments, received 4 mails but only 2 had attachments. raised a ticket only to be told i actually sent 480 not nearly 980 and that i was mistaken. so it appears the AH bug extends to the Mail system in general not just for mails sent from the AH

Still no gold…
Still many stacks floating out there in the nether…
I gave the Official support site a view as this would be the best source to find information:


HOTFIXED: Most of the issues regarding delays on the Auction House mail deliveries should be resolved. If you still experience issues, please wait a few hours to allow the mails to be delivered. Nothing is lost and the items or gold should eventually arrive. For more info, check this article

Only to land on a 404 page…

Seriously Blizzard, that just sums up the 8.3 mess quite solid :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’d like to clarify that nothing has been lost as a result of this issue. This is an issue with mail delivery, and we’re working to fix it. We currently expect that the fix is going to take a few days.

During that time, the mail you can’t see is not subject to 30 days expiry. It will only begin counting down from 30 days once we’ve fixed it so that you can see it and interact with it in your inbox.

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Ok. The issue of this kind has happened before. Can we hope fore the maintenance and reset between Tuesday and wednesday will do the thing? As it has before and normally does with the UI reset

Can’t w8 for my gold :smiley:

It’s that post room in Dalaran, I’ve done that quest, it’s a miracle anything reaches it’s destination :joy:

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That Room is a mess…even i did the quests and never got the toy :smiley:(true) My friends dident belive me…so one came over to help me…and he saw it was correct i diddent got the toy…but got achievement…lol… i never boddered to make a ticket…i only trade…so all my chr is right next to AH :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Right that is what they said 3 days ago as well…


ya…they could say it might be more easy to fix problem under server stop/maintenance. but maybe they have a slight chance to fix it before. Or they dont wana be spammed with people anting there money now. Anyway it seems more ovies to say they try fix it under maitenance

Sold a lot of mats but haven’t received any gold from the AH since 8.3 launched. I hope I get my gold back :sob:

I don’t know if posting here changes anything, but I guess I’ll do it just in case. I’m missing gold from my auctions too.

yaah day 3 and I’m still missing gold from my auctions or my items… i dont know :frowning:

It will be kinda OFF, but…

I’ve almost lost my sanity though the laggs I have experienced today after I came home from work and did all my housework… and found out that there is no solution yet about this AH+mail system problem… and everything is buggy!

So I have started to complain about this hopeless situation to one of my friend…

Then he said "Don’t you see, old friend!! Its already begun!"

Soooo… Cheers! This is the next level gamer experience designed by Blizzard!

I believe in that devs will overcome this situation and we all gonna enjoy our adventures in Azeroth.

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they just dont care anymore :confused:

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Any change an AH fix will drop with todays reset?

nope, still bugged
i dumped a lot of consumables, hundreds of thousands of gold worth, most of them sold but no gold received

I meant, there will be another reset today 3 to 4, not the weekly one.

Edit: Kirinor here.

Still waiting for my gold, my items were obviously sold but nothing received, yesterday I took the risk to post expensive food - I have to sell while the prices are high, but don’t you dare not send my gold from it, Blizzard.

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Yup, I got the same. Started selling my big stacks of prepared stuff for the new tier to make some gold. Sold almost everything I had put on the market but no mail yet :slight_smile: And I did putted the sold stuff again on the AH :stuck_out_tongue: