Visions of N’Zoth: Auction House Update Preview

Take your buying and selling to a new level with Azeroth’s updated Auction House!



I am praying this reduces the number of stacks of 1s.

Can’t wait to give it a whirl :slight_smile:


This gave me an idea of what to do in 8.3 on Draenor realm.

That’s evil!! :rofl:


Does it mean I must - 1st time in 15 years change/remove my AH addon ?

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All the golds!

I feel like they took a note from the AH addon Auctionator :smiley:

It looks nice and clean, but…am I wrong in assuming that now instead of ‘‘First in-First out’’ it will now be ‘‘Last in-First Out’’ model for selling stuff? Should be great for buyers, but no so much for sellers.


Yes it is last in first out - its there to reduce undercutting for a quick sale. Of course ifs the so-called market price is inflated there is nothing to stop you from undercutting still.

I am also thinking that this will mean a vast number of people who simply want to buy things on the AH instead of play the AH game will be able to ditch add-ons for the AH.

It does indeed totally remove them - gone for good and never to return.


Praise green jesus! :raised_hands:

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What it means is when a seller posts a stack of 200 leather or ore or such that some chump will just buy 1 and when the auction expires the unfortunate seller now has only 199 and has to deal with not being able to sell a full stack any more.

Personally, I don’t want to sell items in ones and twos I want to sell them in stacks of 200. It’s much better to sell in volume than in silly “retail” single items.

That’s the old AH way of thinking.
Now you just post whatever amount you want to sell. End of story.
Parts of that stack will get bought by people (if not all).
You will no longer need to think about ‘making neat stacks’ of ‘attractive numbers’ or anything like that.


You need to go and find out more as someone can list the 199 again.

Full stacks no longer matter as the AH allows you to buy as many or a little as you want. Say for example the AH listed in order copper Ore 5 at 25, 10 at 30 and 200 to 50 if someone goes to buy 100 they will automatically be assigned to buy all the 5 at 25, the 10 at 30 and 75 of the 200 at 50.

No need for individuals to obsess over only listing full stacks as the system will sort it all out - for the buyer.

It will take sellers a little adjusting that’s all.

I know how it works.

I am hoping it will reduce the stacks of one listed on the AH. No matter what they change, it is still down to the user to behave with listing.

Does ah revamp still include inbuilt collectionshop addon? The one that scans for missing transmog and vanity items

Judging by this post which was discussing feedback we will get the option to tick ‘Uncollected Only’, this should help searching for missing items.

This is EU equivalent

Seems nice overall. Though with the cheapest listings appearing first, that effectively kills using AH to smuggle things to your other faction characters. Oh well :\

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We’ve always been able to order the listings in cheapest first though.

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