Visions of N’Zoth: Auction House Update Preview

nothing about in recent announcements. So i am worried a bit.

The recent post didn’t really have any substance to it though. I don’t imagine those features have gone overnight.

True. But having the cover of multiple listings makes poaching of the smuggled item a lot less likely. I’m not upset about this change mind you, it is for the greater good. I’ll just have to find another way or be willing to pay more.

The kinds of people into sniping goods at cheap prices often use addons.

If you ever mislist something at too cheap a price, you realise how fast they pick stuff up :rofl:

Good point Drae … Its a sad day :frowning:

If i understand this system right, there is only ONE stack in ah per stuff, for example one big stack of linen cloth. When someone goes in to sell linen cloth, no matter how many they want to sell it will appear on top of that stack. If for example there is stack of 10 000 linen cloth in ah and someone goes and wants to sell one, it goes on top op that pile which then has 10 001 linen cloth for sell. So as fas i i understand it does not matter al all how many items someone lists for sale from bueyrs perspective there is alwaus just one big stack of stuff. I don’t think you see separate listings at all.

There is one stack of items per price listing so 10 items at 100 gold, 20 at 200 gold and so on but purchases are made from the entire pool from the lowest price point upwards.

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Ah thanks for clearing that up. Still doesn’t matter though if someone posts only 1 item or more, as you type how many you want and it automatically picks up that amount (if you are ok with the price ofc).

I was more curious how it would work with the changes. The current AH is slowed by people listing lots of items in ones, so I am curious if people who persist in this way will continue to slow it down (more stuff for it to scan to come up with a list for you to see).

We wont see it either way, so I should probably not worry about it :stuck_out_tongue: I was just thinking out loud, so to speak.

I’m looking forward to the improved functionality. I’m not one for AH addons.

This will make browsing the AH enjoyable once again and simpler for sellers and buyers alike. Can’t wait to see it in production and not just test.

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Soon ™

Few more days!!!

Finally, now do the same thing for Classic (just kidding of course, Classic players’d flay me, but still would be nice) nods and leaves

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If this is gonna be as it sounds, then I really don’t like EVE Online style market where you as buyer do not have a choice anymore who to buy from.
The min-undercutting madness is already quite insane, but in EVE where you are forced by the system to buy from the lowest seller (and if you enter a higher sum, that higher sum goes to the lowest), it’s at its most extreme.

At least keep the old seller data still in the system so that people can either access an extended view closer to the old system if they want to or addons can be adapted to still provide that functionality.
I often deliberately buy from people who don’t undercut by one copper, and I also often pick someone who tries to sell small quantities over someone flooding the lowest listing with huge amounts.
Making a market even more anonymous would be a move in the wrong direction.

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So if I have this correct, it should work like this:

There is 5,000 linen cloth on the AH

3000 at 1s
1500 at 2s
500 at 3s

I will only ever see “Linen cloth - 1s” whilst there is still stock of the 1s listings. It will then move to “Linen cloth - 2s” once the previous 1s stock is gone, and so on.

Then if someone comes in and adds 500 cloth at 1s, the price drops again until those stock of 500 are bought.

I will only ever see one line / listing per item, and the price only adjusts to match the lowest price per item?

There will no longer be any ‘stacks’ of trade items of any number, what you’ll get is a (virtual) stack of ‘x’ amount at one price, then ‘n’ amount at next price up and so on. If an individual wants to waste their time placing items one at a time then that’s up to them but it won’t make any difference to what the potential buyer sees

ah is slow because blizz can’t handle all ah traffic. scanning addons make ah slow as well

screens with new ah shows otherwise. all prices and listings are visible, however buyer can only get cheapest ones.

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I am aware how it works :wink:

I was more speculating about many listings (behind the scenes) slowing down the AH but it’s not like we’ll be able to see them or know if they are having any effect. Being based on a busy realm where the AH crawled almost to a halt thanks to such practices at the start of the expansion, I just hope the ‘stacks of one’ listers would reform with this new AH. Obviously some changes were made to deter such behaviour but many still persisted.

I’m looking forward to having a whirl on the new version myself.

From a user point of view I’ve never got on with the AH addons because the scanning they do just seems to take too long. It seems so much simpler to look for whatever I’m after and sort by cheapest unit price first.

If you are someone who makes money via the AH I can see certain AH addons are valuable tools :slight_smile:

The AH Is not working correctly the stuff you normaly can sell 24/7 had suddenly stopped ?! and you lose Money for what you spend on AH everytime and Blizzard make your golds. FIX IT!!

there are tricks aimed at people without addons, hundreds single stacks or very low bid and high buy out. It’s simplier untill u hit 20 pages of cheapest singls stacks, then it falls into fml category.

Morning is good time to use ah for buying/selling and scanning. It’s usually among very first things i do when i wake up. Full 2 scans for updated prices and missing transmog take only few minutes. It gets considerably slower starting from around daily reset.

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