Visions of Nzoth: Did anyone have issues with Shaw

Maybe you can kill him too quickly? Because I killed him and cleared the area but the objective didn’t finish. There is no mob looting after all. All others registered, but I didn’t get a chest from Shaw at the end, which is quite upsetting. It worked in previous runs, although I might have taken a tiny bit longer to kill him. Maybe 10 instead of 5 seconds.

Did the npc with you (I think Valeera) comment on it? Can you try and describe if there was anything that could be out of place?
I can also try a vision run myself

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I don’t remember and only recorded one previous run before I went into that area.
But if Valeera helped me open the gates and after the kill a return portal formed and she said some line, it should have registered, yet the retrieval marker for the quest item was centered around the corpse of Shaw.
I really nuked him down fast with Arcane Blast spam on my level 70 mage. But he did go into the phase where he spawns eyes, as he always does.
He also has that special logic where he is stealthed at first, but I don’t remember whether I could attack him then or had to wait for him to reveal himself. There seems to be a moment where he vaguely appears as stealth and then vanishes, or something.

In one run I also nuked the mage boss so fast that he couldn’t get into his immune-ish teleporting phase, but that went fine with registering the objective.

I see, so it went as it should. I’ll try it myself later today and tell you if anything happened :smile:
If it doesn’t register we should both file bug reports

I did another run and it was fine this time, while looking the same. The quest marker seems to always hover at the nearest boss location.
Must have been some weird glitch and probably not reproducible, also because it only reveals itself once you enter the chest room and cannot go back.

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Well I’m glad it worked for you in the end

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Shaw is a rogue, so I’ll file it under expected gameplay experience.

EDIT: I encountered the same issue in Valley of Spirits now! The boss kill didn’t register, the force field didn’t open, the chest wasn’t there at the end! >:-(

This is an annoying bug! (And I had the sanity-halving mask equipped, so it was extra loss of gains.) Super-upsetting also because I end up with 3 of 4 pages needed for the next cloak level, leading to massive waste of vessel currency! Plus of course a significant loss of mementos.
I sent a but report now.

EDIT: I think I found the issue: When activating a zone event, with NPCs responding, but not doing it right-away, this happens.
First I activated Shaw’s zone and Valeera said her lines, but I did another zone first, or didn’t enter it immediately.
Then in Valley of Spirits, I killed the big guy in the pathway, NPCs reacted, but then I did a Lost area first.

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