Visual Animation bug sens new raid opend ( coin splash)

(Renvy) #1

Hi, al tho it’s a small issue i appear tobe having it’s one that i found to grow more and more annoying as the weeks go by.

After blazing through the normal BoD as the patch hit we had a ton of fun, however after defeating Opulence i noticed that my character splashed gold coins arround her feet everytime i preform a jump action or walk on uneven terrain, assuming this would go away i simply payed it no mind and a fun little gag beacuse everyone eles can see this aswell.

But now it’s been WEEKS sens this happend, i have died, logged on and off but the coin splashing along with the sound aswell just wont go away


This is because of an item feet Coinage Stampers, it has visual which adds coin splash when you jump :slight_smile:


Hello Renvy,

Essential is right, it is your equipped Coinage stampers that have this effect. It is not a bug.

Kind regards

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