Void Elf Bows

Is there a bow, lore-wise, that can be transmoged for Void Elves? There are Thas’dorah and Thori’dal, but they are not for Void Elves, right?

Thas’dorah is a legendary bow that belongs to the Windrunner family. Talanas windrunner was the first to weild the bow. Lireesa Windrunner (the windrunner sister’s mother) was the second mentioned weilder of the bow. lastly, the bow got passed down to Alleria Windrunner. She used the bow to kill many orcs and trolls in battle, so you can say its a very Alliance bow in a sense. eventually Alleria lost it and was passed down to the “player” meaning you.

Since Alleria was the last known character to weild the bow, and now she is the leader of the void elves alongside Umbric, its safe to say it can be considered a Void elf bow. but anyone can wear it tbh.

not sure how Roleplayers view legendary bows though. I hope someone else can come and provide feedback about this part.

i also want to point out there are many colors and appearances to the bow, but unlocking them might be a grind (legion related).

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Void elves are all about void and were trained by Etherals (at least Alleria) , so why not go for some magical ethereal bow with voidish themes . Something like this :

I’m sure there’s also newer models .

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No real lore connection with void elves but it could fit the vibe I guess

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Thank you all for your replies! I will search them and check them myself!

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