Void elfs getting blood elfs skins!

I haven’t watched the whole video but this got me excited!
And also, it seem it’s legit. Especially, in the NA forums.

Erm… did you even bother to read the other thread’s names before posting this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Uhm yes… It was posted here yesterday.


No, I am drunk atm. So, I didn’t. Must have missed it.
Well, it’s all good we get a customisation for void elfs to look like high elfs. Finally the thread for high elfs Megathread is over…

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Was the cave comfortable, it seems you have spent a lot of time there


Oh~ its not over. This means nothing to “them” and certainly to OP of this necroed thread :joy:

I dont know if they are trolling or not but my face hurts out of facepalming :face_with_head_bandage:


Might just delete blood elves and void elves from specific factions and make them a neutral race.

So we alliance can get a better race like Sethrak.

One does not create another. Making them neutral race would just made them neutral~ and thats it :joy:

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then we got alliance and horde and …elfs. :slight_smile:

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