Void Elves are getting Natural Hair Colours!

That is the post that I wrote and asked to post on my behalf, and I know it already.


I’m not sure if all of this is just to try and bring players back or if its the developers finally getting room to stretch and breathe after being freed from terrible management…
But I like it.


is there a way to make the nborne heritage set chest with tunic/robe
like korthia kyrian/renown sets
belfs could use more hairstyle mostly the girls from all the hairstyle choices i use only 2 of them

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The Void Elf Alleria’s hair color is sure to be available. :purple_heart:


Yeah, because the “High Elf” and “Lightforged” playerbase is soooo large , loosing them would cripple Blizzard (sorry, I don’t hink the Nightborne players are numerous either) :thinking:
No… not really
I don’t think so… .so finding a connection? Hard and forced.
I mean if they would want to lure back players they lost, there are TONS of other, way better ways than giving some table scraps to a tiny portion of players
Just a limited 2 week acces to the Legion Mage Tower alone would do that… heck, even puting longboi in the shop for … 50 bucks? And people would swarm

The high elfers didn’t really deserve it tbh. Don’t you know the allied race is called void elf?






I wasnt only referring to the new customization options.
But them listening and communicating it to us.
The change to conduits has been needed and now they are doing it.
Changed to lv60 required to list in the group finder to combat boost ads.
Legendary recipes for cataloged research.
Reverted the nerf on domination shard set bonus and instead buffed underperforming ones.
And there is more feedback that they have listened to and implemented and actually informed us about it.
While they have been pretty silent for most of the expansion I feel.
I wouldnt be surprised if they pull the ripcord soon aswell.

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Can’t people just be happy. Something that was frequently requested is being added.



Interesting is that it is hair colours but doesn’t mention styles for void elves.

Wonder what they’ll be.

Light blonde seems certain. That’s always been an elven staple.

Red seems opportune as well. It would even fit well with the void theme.

Maybe they’ll do black because it’s not too far from the existing blue and purple.

Grey also seems like a color that compliments all the blue and purple.

Brown seems weird. That one feels less compatible with the void colors and also with the High Elf theme.

But they do say 5…

Maybe it’s 5 shades of grey. :rofl:

You never checked the Horde side I think :sweat_smile: :

Void Elves already have 2 gray hair colors that are virtually identical …

I think the 5 colors will be black, white, blonde, brown and red.

It gives more choice for everyone. :wink:


Who cares about void elves? LFD are getting more horns and longer tails. Hopefully they get thick tendrils too.

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really happy with this. i do wish we’d have some more hairstyle options as well, i don’t really like tentacles. but nice to get some more normal options.


Still waiting for other Death Knight eye colours…

More skin colours I hope. It’d be really nice if they had some tints tending towards the white-gold type colourisation to really set them off. I mean normal Draenei can be white and grey, but they can’t be hues tending towards yellowish tones.

I get it’s a limited concept but we see the light is associated with gold a lot, so it struck me as really odd that lightforged were stuck with three “kinda white kinda grey” tones and none that even had a hint of yellow to them.

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One can hope :slight_smile:

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So I presume us Hordies will be getting an identical copy of an established Alliance race now then? Night Elves or Human options for Nightborne or Forsaken seem like a good fit all things considering. Fair is fair right or
is this joke only being played on one of the teams here?

Absolutely ridiculous decision. Just go ahead and enable cross faction gameplay and merge Blood Elves with their soon to be superior offshoots because once this goes live there will be absolutely no reason
for anyone to create one unless you happen to play a Paladin or Demon Hunter.


I’m sure that this will fix the raiding and m+ situation for the alliance /s