Void Elves are getting Natural Hair Colours!

“Will be no reason for one to create one except to play paladin or demon Hunter”

Yeah I somehow doubt all of the non DH and pala Belf players gonna reroll velf over this just so they can use a voidy appearence “sometimes” whilst chucking the superior playerbase volume of the horde.

Seriously get a grip.

If the NB customisations look anything close to the stuff in that video that went around by a custom artist (slanted eyed, jewellery colours, glowing hands etc) then THAT will make a difference because I will tell you now that there a truck of people who would play nightborne if they looked remotely close to their original selves as opposed to the abominations we got.

If they end up looking like their OG selves, that’s it, I’m Nightborne. It’s the main reason I don’t play them. I tried but their models are so ghastly but they’re the horde race I’m interested in.

Poxy “pseudo Belf” options aren’t going to make people sack off the playerbase advantages of the horde just so they can “be blue” if they like (they’d be velf already if that were the case) but genuinely decent redo of nightborne will tempt some over to horde from alliance I’ll bet you that.

Nightborne were hugely anticipated when announced and alliance felt sore that they didn’t get them, and the travesty of their model was a huge hit for many, I think you underestimate that. If blizzard do this properly, it will be a huge draw for horde for people who don’t mind the arcane elf thing but don’t want to be another blonde pale elf.


Absolutely delusional if you think they’re going to do any substantial work on either the Nightborne or Lightforged. It’ll be 3-4 new hair styles, colors and eyes and that’s that. This whole thing is a blatant attempt at changing the narrative and to distract us from the fact that their game and company is burning to the ground.

And besides, I’m not asking for anything other than parity here. If Alliance players are getting a full copy of an opposing teams race then I think it’s only fair that us Horde players get one of theirs too. (Draenei pls)

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I might actually make a VE when they won’t have to be complete smurfs.

I already have a nightborne.

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I want to be an Eredar so bad ^^ Ever since I saw them all over Argus!

red draenei plz.

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I’m sure the Orcs would be delighted to have their old lords and masters with their team again… :smiling_imp:


Ya, they aren’t known for progressive, it’s why they keep electing the same type of leaders over and over and still live in mudhut city, ops, Orgrimmar.

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After the years spent in the camps and reduced to be apathetic and pathetic trainwrecks, and years of inbreeding (not to mention most of them were just kids magicly aged by Gul’dan and co. ) …?
The current IQ level of the Orcs are not that suprising
I mean if anything the Vulpera intro shown us, the Peons are dumber than before and even the Grunts lost a few braincells and they not have that many to begin with
Don’t blame the Orcs for their poor choices … not their fault
They need a firm hand holding their leash, preferably belonging to a smart Eredar or Blood Elf

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There’s already a Thread making a new Demand for Void Elves to sound more like Blood Elves.


And Pathetic.

Hair Colours and styles? Fair enough, I always said so.
But Before they have even been released, people are asking for more Blood Elf stuff.

So I will say it again.



Congratulations, guys! I’m happy for the High Elf community.

When I started to play worgen, female worgens (in my opinion) looked rather bad. A lot of players were very happy with the new worgen design.

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I really like Void Elf aesthetics much more than Blood Elf, they are basically better Blood Elves to me.

I wouldn’t mind it as an option, but please keep original Void Elf options in the game. :slight_smile:

At this point just give the alliance straight up blood elves, the only thing missing is the heritage armor

We will see. It’s an opportunity to do such and I think at this juncture they’d be fools to waste it.

Also: drop the parity argument. Where is it elsewhere? Why can more horde races be shaman? Why can more horde races be Druid? Clearly the factions don’t operate on a “you get we get”.

If you do insist on “some form” of parity, the equal would be having nightborne adopt many of the customisations Nelf get, not getting an entirely brand new race. I don’t oppose such a concept, but horde getting Eredar just to satisfy some perceived injustice is laughable.

Blame blizzard. They’re the ones who had the freaking leader of the Velf look like a Belf after all. They set the precedent. It wasn’t surprising players would want it.

I don’t care how many times it’s laid out in these forums, there is no plausible argument as to why Eredar would join horde instead of alliance (which is in itself a long shot) which doesn’t completely dilute their concept as to what they are.

The Eredar (Man’ari) are defined by their zealous adherence to the Legion, their great capacity for evil and their tendency to enjoy being generally tier one douchebags. As soon as you have a faction of them deciding to join A or H they are arguably no longer Man’ari at all, they are basically red Draenei with a preference for Fel over Light. This isn’t even considering the ginormous problems in having them join a faction which has four races (two orcs, Belf and NB) which at various points were enslaved by Eredar led legion forces.

I get they’re cool. I really do. But if we’re going to place rule of cool over plausibility, just let me play as a four armed spider broker because who cares if it makes sense, right?

You must be new to this song and dance.

But I agree with your overall point regarding the Draenei. I’d be easier to send over the vast majority of existing Night Elf assets to the Nightborne and call it a day. It’d also have the benefit of giving Horde players a stake in this hopelessly detached Elune lifelands cosmic crap narrative that they’re so obviously pushing on us.


Shaddap. Gnolls for Horde. Gnolls I tell you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Deal, but then give the Saberon or Botani to us

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I’m down with that. I play both factions anyway, Shall we say Gnolls for Horde, Botani for Alliance? Works for me?

I mean for roleplayers playable content is not needed, even the customization options are just a QoL.

Along with the voidy options, you’ll be able to create some damn cool looking elves. :eyes: I wish I could make my blood elf look like a nasty magic-sucking space vampire, too. :joy: Excited for the screenshots!

I don’t think anyone roleplays 24/7, roleplay is more of a side thing you do in WoW.

Depends on the person I guess, I’ve roleplayed a beggar in UO for years(made millions by doing it)