Void elves don't sound like High Elves

Give them a finger and they’ll want the whole bloody arm.

The appearance changes are going far enough for a Void Elf to possibly appear completely non-corrupted in 9.1.5. So, this unfortunately does seem to be the endgame.

I sincerely hope this post is satire, though.

Why are you playing a race that you dislike so much? Every day there are posts/threads about what void elves need. The demand continues.

I have a velf alt. I bloody love his emo look, would never change his hair colour to anything not void-ish. Nor his eyes. Nothing really. And you continue to complain…

Pretty sure this is a joke post guys

Well, that was my point. I like velves because they are voidy. I don’t want them to look like belfs or anything else.

Oh… you replied to my post and I got a notification from it, so I thought it’s directed at me.

Did I? Oh, I thought I went for the reply to all/OP button. Soz :slight_smile:

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