Void elves don't sound like High Elves

Blizzard needs to change (erm… FIX) their voice ASAP.

I hope the text to speech feature gets developed more so we can start choosing our own voices and actually have our characters speak.

Oh is that the -New- request. I seemed to remember all people wanted was hair colours and styles? So now people -do- actually want more stuff, despite saying effusively that they did not? So when you get voices, what is next? Paladin Class as was asked for? Quel’thalas? The Deletion of the Void Elf race and renaming to High Elf? Silvermoon? Rewriting 17 years of Lore?

Where is the -New- Line being drawn?


the line has always been at proper playable non void corrupt high elves.


That’s not true though, is it?

People have been asking for that, and now they get to look like them. Which is cool and groovy.

Non RP’ers shouldn’t give a damn beyond that, because if they -did- they’d on an RP Realm Roleplaying, wouldn’t they? So I don’t see why RP’ers should suffer.

But more importantly, that is not where the line has been drawn.

There are as many lines as there are people who wanted Void Elves to look like High Elves.

Let me give you the list of ‘Lines’ that have been drawn.

  1. High Elf coloured skins (Which we have now, and is cool)
  2. Blood Elf coloured hair and styles (Which are being given in the next patch, and is also cool)
  3. Warpaint, because apparently that is a High Elf thing. (Only a fool who does not know their lore would say that was a ‘High Elf thing’)
  4. Paladins. Because High Elves were really famous for those, as opposed to their Rangers and Mages. Oh wait…no they weren’t.

5.Void Elves to be renamed ‘High Elves’.
6. Void Elves to be deleted, and High Elves to replace them.
7. All Blood Elf Customisation options.
8. The Newly renamed High Elves to be given Quel’thalas, because a power of lies and deceits told Alleria a Lie.
9. Silvermoon to be blue, and Alliance.
10. Blood Elves to be deleted/relocated to Suramar. (Which is by the way smaller than Telogrus rift in terms of the playable instance, and makes no sense to anyone who is not an idiot who does not understand mathematics and percentiles of population)

So…where is the line? All of those have been requested by High Elf Fans, in absolute earnest.
I’m on side with 1+2

Anyone requesting 3+ is an idiot who I will demolish with reasoning.

But seriously, is point 2 the actual line, or are we going to see new requests? (I mean we already have, just here…)

So -where is the line?- just so people know whether to go “That sounds Reasonable” or “To Hells with you, you have more customisation than Core races, and the 90% of the playable Species, you ingrates!”


those are all compromises, the line is at a race called HiGH elves, with HE racials, and HE compatible classes, with no sign of void corruption.
that is what people has been asking since forever.

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That is what the majority wanted, and we got just that. So all is good.

I don’t think the OP is being serious anyway. Considering his comment on Void elf customizations

A part of the gaming community, not the sum of all parts. At this point a lot of us are tired with the whole high elf squawk when there are so many other things that need fixing and blizzard at least is making an attempt. As another forum user said… if you want high elf go play horde.

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i do play horde too in fact, specifically to have access to BE and NB.
exactly as Ion “we don’t know how to fix faction balance” hozzicostas said: “if you want to play a fair elf the horde is ther for you.”

Mmmye it is.
Community been shouting for High Elves for a silly long time. Since long before Void Elves were even a thing.
It’s Blizzards fault for only meeting them half way with such a bait and switch move as Void Elves.
Until they add High Elves people will keep shouting for High Elves.
And rightfully so if you ask me.

They should not replace VElf with HElf in my opinion but they’ve painted themselves into a corner.
I’m very doubtful they will add another separate BElf clone race and if they did they would have to make a new race for Horde as well so that’s a lot of work.
The only realistic thing they can do is add enough customization to let VElf be customized entirely into HElf. Voices is part of that tbh.

This is why no non-RP’er likes RP’ers…
We’re not some special breed with special entitlements that non’RP’ers can’t have or understand.
The game is for everyone.

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Pretty sure most High elf fans (myself included) have accepted the fact that High elf as a seperate race can never be a thing, especially with natural skin tones being added to void elves. thus the now new hair color makes it more than enough to roleplay a High elf without wearing a ugly hat.

So many High elf fans are happy, and i rarely see anyone complaining besides the usual few anti-Helfers and some forum trolls

For the most part majority of the focus in the new customization update is towards other allied races (mostly LFD and Nightborne). meanwhile, Void elves are just getting 5 hair colors. which is more than enough.

I do think it’s okay to give Void Elves some customization options that allow them to appear less void-touched.

I don’t think the end-goal should be to replace the Void Elf with a High Elf. That just detracts from the story background, and I don’t think Blizzard will go so far.

Sound? Hmm. In the past there was an option to disable Death Knight sounds, but that was later removed, so now it’s just Death Knight sound all around. It’s also a confusing option to give players, because what sound are you changing? The sound you’re hearing or the sound others are hearing or both? Sound is one of those things that affect others a lot more than the color of your hair, so dictating what others should hear is not ideal. And having different sounds for what you hear versus what others hear is not elegant design.
So I don’t think Blizzard will offer sound customization. The positives by no means outweigh the messy negatives.

And ultimately, as some other poster pointed out rather brazenly, then it’s just moving the goal post without being a particular desire in itself. It’s a means to an end, and the end breaks the story background, so it’s not acceptable.
I mean, if sound customization was given, then the next thing players would object to is the Entropic Embrace racial, where you sometimes turn all Void-looking. Can’t have that if the goal is to be a High Elf, right?

So to answer Brigante’s question about the line in the sand, then it’s drawn at hair, skin, and eyes. That’s as far as the theme and story background can be stretched I think, without the design being undermined.

Having seen the whole high elf debate dominate these forums on and off for years, I find it kind of ironic that the people who literally clogged the forums for months at a time finally achieve their goal at the present time.

It’s like getting the puppy you always wanted after the nuclear holocaust obliterates civilization. I mean it’s great you got the puppy, but you get to enjoy it in a wasteland.

I hate that they removed that, the DK voice filter has always irked me.

But ye, a huge thing with the voices is also what they’re saying.
Many of the void related lines doesn’t really make much sense for pure High Elf to be saying.
But ye that’s what we get because they’re going with 2 races in 1 thing.

There’s really no easy solution to it that isn’t adding a new race or a heck load of customization to one race.

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I wouldn’t say that. I mean, optics is one thing and if the natural skin, hair, and eye colors are good enough for you to pretend being a High Elf and roleplaying as that, then great! And if not, then too bad.

But the design isn’t broken because of the addition of those customization options. I mean, the story background does offer Blizzard some creative space where they can add customization, because the premise isn’t that all Void Elves are affected equally much by The Void. That’s why we can customize the degree to which we want our Void Elf to be affected by The Void. Now there are just more options that allow you to be less affected.
The only premise there is for the Void Elves, is that they are affected to some degree. The customization is allowing you to choose how much.

I mean Wildhammer are supposed to be a bit physically different than the Bronzebeard dwarves, I believe they are supposed to be a bit bigger. Yet with the new customizations (hairstyles, tattoos, and earrings) and a little bit of imagination, you can play a Wildhammer.

Sure it’s two races in one, but it’s something. Same with the sand trolls as they are played by Darkspear and have Darkspear lines. It will never be 100% but at least it’s 90%. With imagination and creativity anything is possible.

I’m happy that we have these options to begin with. I made a Wildhammer shaman, Sand troll warlock, and High elf Ranger.

Oh ye I’m not saying it’s bad that they’re adding more options.
And given that they went with the whole Void Elf thing over High Elf this is the best route without making big drastic things such as adding separate race or rebranding/deleting VElf.

It should be enough to add the option for a non-steely voice for Velves and opt between them as they please. I personally prefer the current voice type as it makes sense that your voice is altered along with your look. If I’m right most Old Gods have a deep toned bassy voice, which is yet another reason to make it stay.

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Here we go.

Benjamin stop trolling because its not even funny at this point. we all know you dontt like Void elves/high Elves and you were angry when the new custimizations was introduced.

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