<Voodoo Cookie> is looking for you!

Nethergarde Keep - [H] </Voodoo Cookie>

Is recruiting more players to bolster its strength and numbers.

As the guild is still leveling this would be a great time to join and make friends with the other members. You will find us a very friendly guild who are committed and confident in what we do and how we play. We would prefer level 50’s+ but will consider taking active level 40+ players.

Our aim is for evening & daytime BiS run’s spread throughout the week at the moment. Once we have enough players, we will start 40 man raids 2/3 times per week. (including daytime for daytime players, times to be discussed!)

What we need (but we will consider others) :

  • Priest’s: Shadow and Holy
  • Shaman: Restoration
  • Druid: Restoration
  • Rogue: Combat
  • Mage: Fire/Frost

You can PM me for more info and also /w me or Tonkaa in game or reach me on discord => SureShotSteve - Bloodgut#6160


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