Vote for S1 or S3 to spec bonuses!

The Paladin is at great state atm. Especially survivability as versa is one of our main stats. If we get S2 tier set then we need to spec back to mastery. Also S1 is def our best damage wise. Final Verdict is our main damage dealer.

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S3 set is the best because it gives a huge increase to dps and hps.

Even though S2 set was good, S3 set is stronger. S1 set feels bad in comparison.

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S1 wasn’t good. The thing that made prot strong in S1 was the pre-nerf rework.

Yeah well i voted for S3 a atm I feel pala is in a good position and if we go back to versa not being one of the mainstats I have to change class, which prob means leaving game.

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